Pets Chapter 55 (Ellie): Coming out

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Oh My GOD! My parents are so frustrating. They behave in front of others as being caring empathic and even sympathetic people when they are both cold-hearted assholes.

I fumed, eating a little and sadly ignoring both of my partners who, I felt it, were intensely looking at me.

“Are you okay?”, asked Richard.

An avalanche of words just burst out.

“I know this sounds like over-reacting, I mean, I know it was almost nothing. It’s not what they did tonight that made me break, it’s what they did in the past. I mean, with you two, I felt loved, accepted, important. I was cared for, paid attention to, listened, talked to. We did wonderful things. Seeing the contrast with them tonight brought back all of the rages, all of the anger, all of the frustration.”

Both got close and hugged me.

We stayed silent for a while, but I broke the silence.

“I guess what I am trying to say is that I am good with you two. I am happy and I didn’t think I could ever be.”

“You make me happy too. I didn’t think I’d ever find a girlfriend”, said Amber.

“And you are my other half. The person who completes me, who fills the hole in my heart.”, replied Richard.

“Aaahh… I love you both”. I replied.

“Do you realize”, said Amber. “That you just came out to your parents?”

“What do you mean?”, I replied.

“Coming out, as in coming out of the closet, is when someone announces they are not straight. You just admitted to your parents you were bisexual”

“I guess I did. Is that important?”, I asked, naively.

“Well, yeah, I still didn’t have my coming out to my own parents. They might suspect, I mean, it’s not like they ask me if I had a boyfriend. They’ve adopted the neutral So have you found someone? So I strongly suspect they figured it out. But them figuring it out and coming out and admitting it to them is quite different.”

“Oh. I guess I never saw this as a big deal”.

It’s Richard who replied.

“I think I have an idea why. For you, Ellie, bisexuality is perhaps something for the moment. You are dating both of us, so you are de factor bisexual. It’s not something that defines you. For you, coming out to your parent might be like admitting you like a new rock band or that you now colored your hair purple. For Amber, however, being gay has been a huge part of her self-identity for years.”

“Self-identity?”, replied Amber. “Look who’s using big words now”

“Yeah, I mean that if you were to use five words to describe yourself, gay would properly be in there, but bisexual might not be in Ellie’s.”

“Dude”, I replied. “We know what self-identity is…”

He looked pitiful and apologized.

Amber and I both laughed. “So, what would be your five words, Mr. Self-Identity?”

“Oh, God. I don’t know. I guess I should put Courageous after last night and well, what we went thru. Perceptive, Dominant. I don’t know… What about you girls?”

Amber replied without missing a single beat.

“Gay, sexual, submissive, studious, playful”

“Wow”, said Richard.

“If I am allowed a 6th, I would put passive, but I am not sure of that one”, she added.

Both looked at me.

I thought…

“Introverted, rebellious, nude, this is hard! Provocative, reserved and yes, I know the first two and the last are oppositions. It depends on my mood.”

“Nude? What about nudist?”, Richard replied.

“No, that’s not it. Exhibitionist, maybe. Geez, I’ll leave nude. I can’t rule our nudist, I never really tried. I love being nude, so that’s my word.”

Both nodded.

Amber and I both looked at Richard.

“What?”, he said.

“You still owe us 2 words.”, Amber said.

“Well, I have no clue. Sexual?”, he said.

“Way to be original!”, I teased him. “Amber used that one”

“Well, clearly, you had time to think about this. Guys don’t think about that stuff”.

“I’d change perceptive with attentive in your words, Amber said. You don’t just perceive, you act on your perceptions”

“Good one. You could add empathic. For a guy, you have a lot of empathy”, I said.

“Way to pass the pill”, he said.

“Patient, I would add as your fifth,” said Amber.

“Yeah, he is patient.”

It felt like Richard had grown taller.

“I wonder where your parents went”, Richard said.

“Probably to their condo. Let me check the driveway”, I replied.

I left the dining room and went outside. It felt really good to feel the dimming sun on my nude body and the grass on the sole of my feet.

Could I actually become a nudist one day? Perhaps. I had never thought about it. Perhaps I should try it. Perhaps I should soon.

I checked and both of their cars had left. We were alone in the mansion. Amber and Richard joined me, but Amber seemed less comfortable with her bare feet on the ground.

The last time, she was wearing boots. Perhaps I should get her to get used to it…

Richard took me out of my revery.

“So, what do we do?”, he asked.

Amber proposed we use the moment to play a little.

“I am honestly not really in the mood for that. Listen guys, there is a nude beach not far from here. What do you say we go check it out? I was always too afraid to go alone. Richard, it’s clothing optional, you could just take a bathing suit from my father.”

Amber seemed troubled.

“What is wrong?”, I asked her.

“I’ve never been nude in public before…”, she replied.

“What about the black lotus?”, I replied.

“It’s not the same, everyone was into BDSM there…”

“And everyone will be into public nudity at the beach. It’s Richard’s fault, he put the nudist word in my mind. You don’t have to go. In fact, both of you can stay here. I am going mainly to do some soul searching”

Richard objected. “Hey, if you’re going, I’m going.”

Amber just nodded, as if she had resigned herself.

“Now, here is the odd thing… Amber and I will need to get dressed to go to the nude beach. Richard, why don’t you go fetch a bathing suit?”

“And miss on the experience? No way. If that is a nude beach, I am nude too.”

“Look at Mister Courageous!”, I said.

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