Pets Chapter 43 (Ellie): Two girls night out

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The rest of the drive after the warning was pleasant, even Richard and I’s conversation had been derailed toward what we learned from our families and our brushes with authority.

The mood was light and I was relieved for the interruption because I wasn’t sure how much my stomach could take that line of thought. Candy as a BDSM partner with Richard present was easy enough, but talking to Richard about a possible relationship with Amber was another subject.

Soon enough, we were at Richard and Amber’s apartment building and IĀ could spot my car in the street. Richard invited me in, but I knew he had to sleep for tonight: Monday afternoons, he was especially awake but still needs to sleep.

“Plus Richard, tonight, I want to keep all of my energy for Amber”, I said, teasing him.

He went in to kiss me, out of excitement, but I put a finger to his lips to stop him.

“Sorry Master, today, I am keeping this body pure from male interference to see if I can be more receptive to Amber’s charms.”.

He joked that it was unfair, so I replied, still teasing “Oh, it’s unfair to you, mister I get to play with two sexy naked girls?”. He laughed, and I wished him a good night sleep.

At first, I wanted to drive home, but I was still wearing one of Amber’s sexy outfits so I just put the rest of my things in the trunk and drove back to the campus.

I still had over an hour to wait for Amber to finish her class so I tried to work on an assignment at a table near her room but in all honesty, couldn’t concentrate.

The cold bench on my bare ass kept me awake at first, but soon enough, it was warm and I was drifting away. The weekend had been so magical I wasn’t sure I slept well.

Amber surprised me from my daydreaming and I caught myself smiling wide at seeing her. We hugged, perhaps a little too long for friends, but not quite in girlfriend territory.

We did pleasant chit chat while walking to my car, but as soon as we were seated, Amber grabbed me and planted a keep sensual kiss on my lips.

“I am so happy to spend some time alone with you tonight”, she said.

For once, my whole mind and body was in unison: “Me too!”, and I surprised myself by planting a kiss on her sweet lips.

After a few minutes, I asked her where we were going, and without hesitation, gave me an address, but refused to answer anything more.

We parked a few corners from our destination and walked side by side, until we arrived at a bar.

It was a small cozy bar, with already some busy activity: lots of patrons eating and laughing, a few single women in isolated booths drinking or eating.

Amber took me directly to one of the booths at the end of the bar, and sat next me on the bench.

Almost by reflex, I lifted my skirt to sit but I noticed that she didn’t.

“We are not Richard’s submissives tonight. We are two girls going out.”.

I nodded and took a look around. All of the patrons were girls. All of them, and I could see two pairs in different booths kissing.

“Amber, is this a gay bar?”

She laughed… “No silly, it’s a lesbian bar. Here, we are among fellow carpet munchers. We’ll get zero judgement. Well, unless you call them carper munchers that is.”, she laughed again.

I was ill at ease. I knew this was a date, but in a gay, I mean, lesbian bar?

She checked on me for what to get for lunch but I ended up just pretty much agreeing blindly to whatever she said.

I was still lost in my thoughts when the waitress took our orders, well, Amber’s orders for both of us, and was surprised when a margarita showed up in front of me.

“Let’s toast to a new facet of our relationship”, she said. “To a new facet”, I managed to reply, but honestly, it bothered me that I couldn’t figure out why I was so bothered by the fact that I was in a lesbian bar.

I know that Amber retold her day, how her classes went, but I honestly was lost in my mind.

I still hadn’t regained my composure when our meal arrived: salads, pretty much like I like them.

Amber took my hand. “Listen, I know you are preoccupied and lost in your thoughts, but why don’t you share what’s on your mind. I’ve been trying to give you time, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Is it me? Am I too different to Candy? Are you having doubts?”

“No, this is a lesbian bar”, I said, hesitantly…

“Yes, we are two girls on a date, where else would you expect us to go without being judged?”

“But I am not a lesbian… at best, I am a bisexual.”

Amber laughed at me. Well, she laughed, I can only assume it was at me.

“Ok, I see, this is a lesbian bar. The bar is lesbian. It’s for women to date women, or for women to find women to date or just hook up with. The lesbian work here refers to the fact that men are not welcomed, and the girls looking for someone in here are looking for girls. It doesn’t mean only lesbians can come here. In fact, even straight girls can come to spend time with their lesbian or bisexual friends! I’ve even brought two of my all female study groups in here because in the afternoon, it’s pretty quiet.”

“Oh”, I replied, a little less ill at ease.

“And anyway, what is the outside difference between a lesbian and a bisexual? In here, there are no men, so no one will know!”

“But what if they see me with Richard later?”

“Then who cares!” Replied Amber. “Let them eat cake!”

She laughed again. I don’t think I had seen her laugh that much since I knew her.

“This is my world OK, trust me like you trusted Richard with the BDSM world. No one here cares that you have a boyfriend, all they will see is two girls having fun together and kissing the hell out of each other.”

I blushed. She did have a point…

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