Pets Chapter 54 (Richard): The in-laws

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I had been to Ellie’s parent house already, but never when they had been there. Apparently, not only did they never care about their daughter, they never cared that much about the family estate, preferring to live elsewhere.

Ellie had told me about the problems she had growing up and her unusual way to cope with the coldness, rigidity and strictness of her parents: she simply stopped wearing clothes.

I parked the car pretty much at the same place as I had the previous time only now, there was a Lexus and a Porsche in the long driveway, probably her parents.

We left the car and gently walked toward the main entrance, which was opened by a man in his late forties which I recognized as being William Lamburger, Ellie’s father.

He ignored his daughter when we approached and held out his arm to shake my hand.

“So you must be Richard. I hear you were quite the hero last night.”

He had a deep tenor voice which didn’t let any emotions transpire: my father used to say that the only emotions that Bill Lamburger ever felt were either mild annoyance, his usual one or extreme anger. Notable if someone ever called him Bill to his face.

“Nice to meet you Mr Lamburger”.

He noticed Amber and asked “And who might this young lady be?”

“My long time friend and roommate Amber, sir”

“Roommate? Between a man and a girl?”. I didn’t miss the allusion between the adult version of male and the kid version of female…

Amber answered, unashamed. “Why not? I am actually a gay woman. Is that a problem?”

I was proud of her for standing up on the woman notice.

“Of course not. I have quite a few gays working for me. Come on in everyone, we had a great supper delivered”.

I didn’t miss that he didn’t even address his daughter or the fact that I was her boyfriend.

My eyes crossed eyes with Ellie and he addressed me something with them but I didn’t quite get it. Was it: “You see, I don’t exist?”, “Huh, my dad is the worst”, “Get me out of here” or even “Kill me, please…”. I had no idea!!

We proceeded to the dining room. I complimented him on his house, knowing full well he hadn’t picked anything and couldn’t really appreciate anything in the house and perhaps, anywhere.

In the dining room, we met Ellie’s mother, who was just as cold and distant as Bill. Barbara was wearing an odd peach dress which didn’t do her justice and seemed instead of have been imported from some experimental European designer, wait, or did she buy it in Europe despite it not being helpful for her body type?

In all cases, she didn’t speak to Ellie either and repeated almost word for word the congratulations her husband had given me.

We sad down and began eating at once: the food was on the table and I remembered that the couple had been used to having servants but fired all of them when Ellie had begun her nude protests.

We each served ourselves from the soup bowl, as if neither Bill or Barbara could do anything.

Barbara asked a few questions to Amber about her studies but most of the conversation was between Bill and I about the night of the holdup.

He was very eager to hear the details.

I gave as much as I could, but I noticed that Ellie was barely eating and instead, was playing with her food, absent-mindlessly.

When I explained how I put the garrote, Bill was full of pride and said he was proud to consider me his son.

Ellie jumped on her feet.

“That does it. Neither of you have said anything to me tonight. Not one word. In fact, I think that apart from the message on my answering machine, you haven’t said anything to me in years.”

“Sit Down Eleanor, don’t make a scene”, Barbara said.

“Don’t make a scene? Don’t make a scene? You are my parents! You are supposed to care for me!”

“Stop that nonsense”, replied Bill. “Aren’t we paying for your apartment, and your tuition?”

“Yeah, but what I need is parents. You know, a mom and a dad. People who actually care emotionally for me, not just financially”

“Well, you have Richard now.”, replied her father. “Once a women reaches adulthood, it’s up to her husband to care for her, not her parents”

“Oh, don’t serve me that bullshit. Like you care about Bar-ba-ra”, replied Ellie, full of hate in the name of her mother.

“Don’t you disrespect your mother young lady”, replied Bill.

“Young lady? Young lady? I’ll show you what a young lady can do”, she replied, as she began untying her buttons.

“Oh, here we go again!”, he said. “That’s your answer for everything”

“And yours”, she said, while removing her blouse, “Is to just yell and complain but never actually do anything about it.”

She had just removed her bra, exposing her magnificent breasts.

Her mother expressed outrage at the display, but was looking at Amber. It felt like she was trying to gain an ally.

Ellie missed it, as she was busy removing her bottom. Once done, she sat, nude, back on her chair and for the first time of the meal, actually began eating.

Bill dropped his eyes on his plate and ignored her as much as he could.

Barbara finally managed to express her outrage. “Eleanor, dear Amber here doesn’t that to see that”, with the that being clearly highlighted as meaning Ellie’s body.

“Amber”, said Ellie. “Would you care to join me?”

Amber blushed, but still began undressing.

“See what you are doing! An innocent girl caught in your perversity”, Barbara yelled.

“That innocent girl, mother,” (said with full sarcasm), “is my girlfriend.”

Bill looked up to both make eye contact with me and Amber.

He said, “I thought Richard was your boyfriend?”

“I am”, I said. Someone had to back Ellie. “I am dating your daughter, and she is dating my roommate at the same time.”

Barbara stood up, and left the dining room, crying. Bill followed her, leaving me, still dressed, between my two now nude girlfriends.

This was going on so well! Ellie kept eating, Amber hesitated and took a few bites. I resumed my meal too.

They might be horrible parents, Ellie might possibly be over-reacting (or under-reacting, for all I know, perhaps they deserved more), Amber might be traumatized by the events (or not, it’s not like I can read her mind), but nothing changes the fact that this is one hell of a meal.

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