Pets Chapter 39 (Richard): Rehearsing

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I woke up alone in bed with a completely full bladder.

After running to the bathroom, I found Candy and Ellie, naked, sitting in the kitchen against the kitchen counters, whispering and laughing a little with each other and yet, I could feel that something was wrong.

“Are you OK girls?”, I asked. “Did something wrong occur yesterday? Did I once again go too far?”

Ellie smiled and stood up to kiss me. “How could you have gone too far? Amber and I pretty much took control of the evening…”

“Yes, ok, I was just wondering…”

“Don’t worry, it’s just girl’s stuff. Ellie replied.”

We kissed some more and I got properly dressed for school. I usually preferred to get dressed before breakfast while Candy now waiting for after breakfast and as usual, Ellie put her clothes on at the last possible moment.

I got back in the kitchen to two smiling girls, eating breakfast. One of them had prepared mine. It used to always be Candy, but I wasn’t sure anymore. Perhaps it was a team effort now.

“I had a lot of fun last night. Your anata yoga Candy impressed everyone. We’ll have to repeat that on the big evening this weekend.”

Candy replied with a smooth and not sarcastic at all tone “It’s Anati Yoga. I am not sure I am ready yet for more witnesses, at least, not without a clearer game plan”.

Ellie added. “Perhaps we should rehearse scenes, and this time, you should add your own ideas. Perhaps later today?”

I finished my bite and agreed with them. “At many points last night, I wanted to take control, but I was afraid of interrupting you. With rehearsing, we’ll get more in the same rhythm. But are you both ok with the exhibitionism?”

Ellie replied first: “Even more than I would have thought possible. Until I undressed, I felt out of place, but once I did, I felt desired, looked at. I think it helped me feel submissive and yet, in power because I was the one projecting my nudity. I definitely want to do that again…”

I asked Candy, and she was less adamant. “I think I like it. I mean, the exhibitionism. I think it’s a new aspect for me and I feel like I will start to enjoy it”.

Ok, some perhaps the oral sex on me was more of a problem, but at least, I wasn’t to blame this time.

We finished eating without any significant talks and soon enough we were all three of us in class. I didn’t know for my two girls, but my mind was more on the previous night, the upcoming rehearsal or the previous outing than on the class subject. I still took notes, but honestly, I had no idea what they were about…

Fortunately, all of us have a long lunch on Thursdays (Candy has late class but Ellie and I have Thursday afternoon’s off, oh, the joy of Swiss cheese schedules!).

We decided to eat with our friends in the cafeteria before returning home, perhaps because we were all anxious to start and didn’t want a meal in the way. We had incorporated meals in the past in our BDSM play, but we wouldn’t eat at the dungeon and as such, wouldn’t practice with food.

As soon as we were home, both girls stripped naked and I changed into my black pants with my black t-shirt I usually reserve for these occasions.

We played for about an hour, trying various things to see what would look good and what wouldn’t. For example, I had bought a leather paddle. I thought it would be pretty much like a wooden paddle, but made of leather, but this one was made too cheap (I should have known from the price). As a result, it didn’t hurt much, it merely pinched a little, even if swung hard, but it made this very loud cracking noise which was disproportionate to the pain it caused.

In an apartment,  it wasn’t a good SM toy at all: too much noise, too little effect. But in a scene, it would grab attention since most hitting toys have a noise level proportional to the pain, or so I thought. I practiced with Candy, who had already suffered it and Ellie, who had never even seen it, and both girls learned quickly how to fake being hurt while I discovered ways to look sadistic.

It was a ton of fun and all of us laughed.

We also tried several ways to quickly apply bondage because while rope play was a nice way to build up the tension, I wasn’t sure it was fully interesting for spectators to watch. But perhaps I was wrong… we’ll see in the future.

It wasn’t as much a rehearsing as a selection of things to put in the routine.

“We don’t want to know the order in which things are going to be done… you decide, but we need to have an idea of how to proceed”, explained Ellie.

That was actually a pretty good idea… mount a few routines and interlock them together to make a scene.

After a little more than an hour, we had a good selection and Candy left us for College, leaving Ellie and me to practice my favorite kind of play: the sexual kind…

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