Pets Chapter 52 (Ellie): Hospital

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I was proud of Richard. He had not just saved a police officer, he had saved a father and a husband. Sure, he would lose a leg, but what is that compared to a life? After a few minutes, their daughter woke up and with a sweet soprano voice thanked Richard for saving her dad.

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Pets Chapter 51 (Richard): Waking up to reality

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I was awoken by a knock on the door of the apartment. I took a look and saw that Ellie was sleeping next to me, but Amber wasn’t in the bedroom. I heard the door open and Amber talking with a hushed voice. I located clean boxers, a pair of pants and a t-shirt and

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Pets Chapter 50 (Candy): First time

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It felt weird kissing Ellie in front of a shell shocked Richard but when Ellie began sliding my bathrobe off my shoulders, something seemed to stir up in him and he began helping her. Soon enough, he was surrounded by his two nude girlfriends. Yes, that sounded nice. I never would have thought it was

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Pets Chapter 49 (Ellie): Trouple

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I was still holding Richard in my arms, a good 30 minutes after he was done with his story. Well, with the bulk of his story because from time to time, he repeated a segment to add a detail he had forgotten but overall, he had been right the first time. Only the physical description

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Pets Chapter 48 (Richard): Shoot-out

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I stayed tucked into my hiding place, hoping not to be found, and hoping the police would arrive fast enough. It took about 3 minutes until I heard the first gun shot. I could barely hear the muffled sound of voices in the background but the gun shots, that made it right thru the walls.

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Pets Chapter 47 (Candy): Adult Fun

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the drive home was very painful: Ellie had managed to turn me on more than ever and we had to endure the drive, side by side, until we would get back to my apartment. The torture didn’t last long: we almost ran upstairs and clothes went flying as soon as the door closed. I didn’t

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Pets Chapter 46 (Ellie): Breakdown

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I felt Amber tense up during the song and wondered if I had done something wrong, but then, I realized that all I had done was mirror her actions. Was that the problem? Did she want me to be more proactive? Did she expect me to make my own initiatives? In case it was, I

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Pets Chapter 45 (Richard): Bothered at work

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I was doing my rounds, but I couldn’t take my mind off the date that my two girls were having. Sure, I was excited to think that they would get closer to each other: it might make my own life easier, but what if Ellie left me for Amber? Would I lose both of them?

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Pets Chapter 44 (Candy): Dance Floor

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The supper had been weird. I knew that Ellie wouldn’t fit perfectly in a lesbian date, but when I finally confronted her, she made me realize that it wasn’t the date itself, but rather the venue that was the problem! I relaxed a bit and we talked about it, I think I managed to relax

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Pets Chapter 43 (Ellie): Two girls night out

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The rest of the drive after the warning was pleasant, even Richard and I’s conversation had been derailed toward what we learned from our families and our brushes with authority. The mood was light and I was relieved for the interruption because I wasn’t sure how much my stomach could take that line of thought.

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