Pets Chapter 6 (Elllie): Ellie drops by

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After having spent a few days hanging out with Richard, I thought Wednesday evening that it was time to get to know him better. Candy had been really nice to me, so I decided to open the phone book and find their address. Meeting in person is always a better idea than on the phone.

I knocked on the door, but rather than opening right away, I heard Richard ask who it was. Rather than being happy to hear my voice, he seemed bothered, and I could hear him shuffle a few things. I guess the apartment was a little untidy.

After I asked if everything was alright, Richard came out and closed the door being him.

“Hello, Ellie. What a surprise! I am happy to see you.”

I wondered what was going on. Why didn’t he invite me in? I could hear some noise inside the apartment. Evidently, Amber was finishing whatever cleaning up was necessary.

“What is going on Richard? Why don’t you invite me inside ?”

“Do you promise to let me explain everything I need to explain before you storm out of the apartment ?”

Now, he was scaring me out. What was hiding behind the closed door? Were Amber and Richard dating? I had to know…

“Ok. I promise”

When we came in, we were in a small living room/kitchen combination with a sofa and a television in a corner. There was a door for the bathroom, which was easy to recognize from the lockable handle and the door for the bedroom.

Immediately, I realized that Richard and Amber shared a single bedroom. Two nights per week, this meant that they probably slept in the bed in turns, but it didn’t hide the fact that for the remaining five days, they slept in the same room.

Richard had been obviously trying to date me, and Amber felt absolutely no jealousy against me. Yet, they shared a room. Something didn’t make sense to me.

“I would have preferred you discovered the special relationship that Candy and I share a little later, but I also believe in complete honesty, so I guess it’s a blessing. I still prefer you know this early so that you don’t feel cheated or exploited”

What the fell is he trying to tell me? That they are fuck buddies or something?

“Candy is my submissive. We have a BDSM relationship in which I am her master, and she is, in a way, my slave. That’s why she brings me my lunch and why we live together.”

What? She is his slave? What does that mean? What does BDSM mean?

“But then, you are dating her, right?”

“Not really. Amber is homosexual. Our relationship is mostly asexual in nature and it’s not based on love. I am not her boyfriend and she is not my girlfriend. A BDSM relationship is not necessarily a romantic relationship. It can be, but in our case, it isn’t.”

“You said mostly asexual. That means you have sex with her ?”

“From time to time yes. She is my slave, and sometimes when I get horny, I do have sex with her. But not frequently, and certainly not when I am flirting with another girl or if I have a girlfriend. “

My mind was almost blank from the shock of hearing all of this. The boy I was starting to like has a perverted relationship with a dyke I could only describe as being a superficial bimbo.

“What is a BDSM relationship ?”

“BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination and Submission, as well as Sadomasochism. Candy likes having strict rules to follow and enjoys getting physically punished when she disobeys them. I also like to tie her up in various ways. We also enjoy a lot of pet play around the apartment.”

This was really all dizzying to me.

“This is really all dizzying to me.”

So, I guess I had nothing else to say.

“You must have the impression that Amber and I are perverts, but we simply both enjoy it. I started years ago when both of us were frustrated of being unable to get a girlfriend. We started by exchanging fantasies of what we would do if we found our soul mate, and realized that some of these fantasies were compatible. We didn’t love each other, but we concluded it could be fun to play out some of them. At first, I would tie her up, and slowly, we started to experiment with spanking and other BDSM aspects. When it was time to go to college, she suggested we get an apartment and live out as BDSM partners almost full time.”

“Kind of like a girlfriend”

“I understand your fears. Rest assured that if you asked me right now to stop the relationship with Amber before I have a chance of dating you, I would stop immediately. Amber and I always figured our relationship would only last while both of us were single, but I think both secretly hoped that whoever started dating would find someone to at least understand our relationship and perhaps even join us.”

“Join you? Are you seriously considering asking me to date you and let you do to me the same thing you are doing to her ?”

How sick of him. I wanted to run out the door.

“Like I said. My goal is to date you. If I need to stop everything with Amber to do that, I am fine with that. If you want to try it yourself, I would be more than happy. If you want to do things to her, we would both be happy with it. You get to choose what you want to do. But whatever you decide, it’s not binding in any way. You can change your mind at any time, and you can use what we call a “safe-word” to stop anything at any time. Even if you ever decide to become a submissive, you stay in control. And you set the limits”

I was scared, but curious at the same time.

“Can you give me more examples of what you do? You mentioned pet play earlier. And sadomasochism. What are those exactly?”

“Sadomasochism is when I inflict pain upon Candy and we both get pleasure out of it. There are various things I can do such as spank her, flog her, use a paddle, or simply use clothes pins on her skin. Amber finds that using pain causes her a lot of pleasure and helps her get more relaxed. It varies from person to person. I actually manage to get closer to my masculine and macho side in a safe way. I always felt inadequate compared to jocks and other boys. When I am spanking Candy, I feel alive, in control, masculine. It’s almost primal and it’s very liberating. Not everyone in the BDSM community likes pain, however. It varies from one person to another. But all our life, we have been taught to avoid receiving pain, because it hurts, and to avoid giving pain because it’s bad. It very liberating to go contrary to the flow. It makes you feel alive”

I could understand what he meant. I was doing my own revolution every day, for very much the same reasons.

“I can understand that part. Going against the rules. I do my own part in my own way. I guess we are not that different.”

It felt liberating to admit it.

“See, it’s not so weird. Perhaps it comes from not being an adult yet, and once I have a full-time job, it will go away. But for the moment, I like being the secret rebel against authority. I’d rather doing it with my girlfriend rather than with Amber, or even better, with my girlfriend and with Amber, but in a way, I hope you will be the one making that decision”

“What about pet play? Is that bestiality or something like that ?”

He laughed a little. It felt good amidst the tension.

“Not at all. When we do pet play, Candy plays a dog. She walks on all four and only talks by barking. And I treat her like a dog, having her sleep on my lap when I watch television, or eat and drink in bowls on the floor. We do a lot of pet play at home. Amber becomes Candy, a golden retriever. Sometimes, we also do pony play, where Amber pretends to be a pony. That’s what we were doing when you knocked”.

This was seriously too weird for my imagination.

“Can you show me ?”

“Are you sure you are ready for this ?”



“Let me get her.”

He went in the bedroom for about a minute. I felt a tingling sensation in my lower back. I both felt the urge to run away, and a fascination powerful enough to paralyze me.

When he opened the door, I was fascinated. Amber was wearing what I could only describe as a kind of harness made in leather with a vertical strap wrapping between her legs, connected to a horizontal strap covering her breasts and another one serving as a belt. She had a pony bit in her mouth, with blinders on each side of her head. Her feet were encased in boots which were actually terminated in horseshoes. Each of her feet was almost completely vertical in the boot. Both of her hands were wrapped in a kind of leather mitten. She wore a leather collar from which a leash connected her to handle in Richard’s hand.

Amber walked by raising her knees as high as possible in an exaggerated move. I noticed that a blond ponytail the same color as her hair extended behind her.

The entire outfit was unreal. Like from a mix of a fairy tale and of a dark nightmare.

“Amber and I were careful to cut some strand of her hair over the last 3 years, and we had a butt plug made with it to provide a more realistic look. We used to have an artificial one, but we are very proud of this one.”

“A butt plug ?”

“The tail is inserted in her rectum and is held in place by it. Some pony girls are even naked, but still, wear the plug.”

“Naked? You mean that some of the girls are actually naked when they do BDSM ?”

How interesting.

“Yes. Since Amber and I don’t date, I don’t ask her to undress, but from time to time, she loses her privilege to wear clothes if she doesn’t behave well.”

“If I decide to try a few things. What would you do ?”

I felt ashamed of my question, but I needed to know more.

“It all depends on what turns you on. You set the limits. Candy, for example, wants to be kept mute at all times. She doesn’t want to be allowed to talk. She either has a gag, or I simply forbid her to talk. You would decide what you want to do. If you have fears or hesitations, I will help you get over them. If you have questions, I will answer them. Regardless of what you decide, we will go at your speed. And you get to decide if Candy is there or not. For starters, you could simply watch her and I play. You can try a few things on her, have me try things with you. No pressure…”

It was more than I could process.

“Naked”, I simply said.

“What? You want Amber to be Naked?”

I am sure my face turned red.

“No, I have to be naked. When I became a teenager, my parents stopped paying attention to me. Regardless of what I did, I felt ignored. One day, after a shower, I didn’t get dressed. For the first time in years, my father decided to punish me. Since then, I have been naked in our house almost full time until my parents decided to fire all of the help. Initially, they became irritated when I was naked when eating with them. Eventually, despite my attempts to convince them to pay more attention to me so I would put clothes back on, they just stopped coming to the manor and left me alone again most of the time. Now, I have my own apartment, an empty house I can go whenever I go. And yet, both my parents are too busy in their penthouse condo to notice I am all alone. I want them to be there for me again.”

Wow, that was a load off my chest.

Richard sat down next to me and held me in his arms. After a few minutes of silence, my tears started rolling and I forgot all about Amber still standing right up in front of me, and about the conversation that we had so far. It just felt good to be, well, loved. It’s as good a word as any.

After a few more minutes, Richard and I parted, and he mentioned that I could undress anytime I wanted in their apartment. He mentioned he could have Amber join me.

I don’t believe I answered anything, but within a few seconds, which seemed like hours, I was naked in front of two people I barely knew.

Richard offered me some tissues for my tears, and removed Amber’s gag, explaining it must not be in place for too long at a time. I noticed that Amber had actually drooled a lot on herself, with the drool dripping along her chest and on the floor in front of her.

“Would you like Candy to undress too ?”

I am not sure what I actually answered, but shortly after, the blonde was sitting next to me, fully naked. The only thing I was able to focus on while Richard undressed her, was the size of the red butt plug so big I would have believed to be a fake one had I not seen it get out of her ass.

It felt weird to be naked in the presence of another woman. At first, I noticed the differences between us. She was a lot smaller than I was and slightly more, well, rounded. She sat very politely and didn’t say a single thing.

“Amber, do you really like doing all of that ?”

She looked at Richard, who nodded his approval to answer

“I love it. When I am submissive, my thoughts just disappear. I stop worrying about everything. A lot of people said I was stupid when I was in high school or insulted me because I was gay. All of my complexes fade away. I become Candy, the mindless mute submissive and I love it. “

“What about the pain?”

“Well, I love feeling the pain outside. Sometimes, I think it just erases my emotional pain inside. Other times, I just feel like I love the rush it provides. Most of the time, I just feel like it takes the pain away from my loneliness.”

I had no idea if this could help me or not, but I really liked Richard and Amber really seemed nice and honest which is more than I can say about a lot of people I met in the past.

“Richard, if I decide to try a relationship with you. How would this work? How do you reconcile love with this thing ?”

“Obviously, we will need to figure it out. There are multiple options. The only relationship between Amber and I is a BDSM one. I would want more from you. Like normal dates, going out in bars or at the theatre. If you also want a BDSM aspect, you will get to decide the limits and timing. If you want to go slow, we go slow. If you want a full-time relationship right away, it would be hard since we don’t know each other, but we can try. You can decide to play only between the two of us, or you can involve Candy in the BDSM play. “

“What do you mean ?”

“I could tie both of you together.  I could ask you to hit her. If you eventually allow sexual acts in our BDSM play, I could ask her to perform oral sex on you. The limits are yours.”

“But I am not a lesbian”

“And Candy wasn’t straight, but we still had sex together. A lot of conventions in life are based on having the power to decide what you want. With BDSM, you can decide to let your dominant have some of that power. You get to decide what your limits would be, but I get to decide what happens within those limits. If you want to set sex with Candy off-limits, you can. If you don’t, you need to expect me to explore that.  At any time, you can revise your limits as you wish”

“What if we go out together, and decide later to stop doing BDSM play? “

“Then we become a conventional couple. Being with you would be my main meal. Adding BDSM is like dessert. As for Amber, her fate is in your hands. We already discussed that.”

To my surprise, she actually talked.

“I will respect whatever you decide. I am very attracted to you, so I would love to be a part of your life with Richard, but I don’t want to impose.”

“This is all very new to me.  Where am I supposed to go from here ?”

“There are two facets. Our possible couple, and our potential BDSM play. For starters, I would like to invite you to dinner tomorrow evening. We can go to a nice restaurant and go see a movie, or we can stay in so that you can be naked if you so desire. When you go home tonight, I suggest you start thinking about what your limits are. I can leave you a list of potential BDSM activities. Note those you would like to try and those that are off-limits. By the way, some of the things on the lists are even off-limits for me, so I wouldn’t impose them on you. If you are still unsure about your limits, we will be able to explore until you find them. If the date goes well tomorrow, I suggest we try our first exploration session the day after.”

“Must I leave ?”

“No, you don’t have to go. Ever. But I don’t think you should rush into things. If you want, I can do a session with Candy while you watch. You’ll get a preview of a few things you might want to try. After that, you can stay or leave. It will be your choice”

I like that. I think I will stay and watch. Thank you, Richard, you have been very kind to me. I wish I were able to express all of the emotions sweeping across my entire body to tell you how oddly I felt that this was exciting me.


Damn it. Why can’t I ever say what I really want to say?

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