Pets Chapter 46 (Ellie): Breakdown

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I felt Amber tense up during the song and wondered if I had done something wrong, but then, I realized that all I had done was mirror her actions.

Was that the problem? Did she want me to be more proactive? Did she expect me to make my own initiatives?

In case it was, I gently moved my right hand from under her skirt and delicately began moving it, directly on her skin, under her top. It caused the front to lift a little, revealing her navel.

However, instead of being relieved, she tensed up even more.

I looked at her, directly into her beautiful eyes but they only expressed sadness during a fleeting moment prior to her turning her gaze away.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her back toward our booth.

She seemed surprised but didn’t object, in fact, I didn’t have to pull her for long and she happily followed me under the lyrics of the song “This is a song, instead of a kiss”, the female singer went on. “Instead of a touch… “

I knew I had heard it in the past but couldn’t place it well.

In no time, we reached the booth and Amber began sobbing in her hands. I noticed she had not lifted her skirt to sit, which was, well, unusual for her.

I hugged her to comfort her but I was completely clueless as to what was happening.

I stayed there, waiting for her to cool off. Another song when on: “Listen to your heart”, by Roxette. I could see that the girls on the stage were still dancing close to each other and that another couple had taken our place. Some were rather active, touching their hair and such, but most were rather prudish.

Near the end of the song, Amber apologized, but her eyes were still all wet.

“What’s wrong, is it something I did?”, I asked.

“No, it’s Richard.”

I tensed up. “What did he do?”

“Nothing… I mean, it’s about Richard.”

Oh, ok, because if he had hurt Amber again…

“What about him?”

“What if I develop feelings for him because I start dating you and you are dating him.”

I laughed a little. Not a lot, just a little. She mostly surprised me.

I thought hard about it, however. Is that how I felt? That it was laughable to think like that?

Did I have some jealousy toward her? In that situation, Amber and I would also be dating, so did I really have a problem if she developed emotions toward Richard?

I mean, I had already accepted that they might be space for the two of them in my heart, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to think that she couldn’t either? And what about Richard, if I began doubting him on that, would I be able to trust him again in a BDSM scene?

Love, I thought, is a matter of trust. If I could love both of them, it meant I could trust them, I decided.

So, I proclaimed: “I wouldn’t mind sharing him with you, as long as you and I are also dating. I mean, it could simplify our lives”

“No, you don’t get it. I am gay, not bi.”

Ok, this time I laughed more. THAT was her problem? Wow, I had not seen that one coming. It thought she was afraid I would be jealous or something.

“And I am straight, not bi, and yet, I am considering actually dating you. These are labels, these are preferences.”

I tried to think of an analogy. I was about to explain something about food preferences when I got a better image in mind.

“For example, you know how little I think of clothes, so much that it’s almost a part of my identity, and yet, I’ve really enjoyed dressing up tonight.”

She looked at me, all confused.

“What does that mean for me?”

“Well”, I replied. “If you develop feelings for Richard because he is my boyfriend and I am your girlfriends, I do not really have a problem with it. At least, I don’t think so. And I don’t think I have a problem with Richard having feelings for you because you are my girlfriend. I would have a problem if you developed feeling directly for him, or him directly for you.”

“But what is the difference?”

Good point! What IS the difference? I knew that emotionally it did make a difference, but how can I explain it?

Suddenly, it was clear in my mind.

“Well, imagine that when a couple forms, the two members of the couple kind of merge to become one. As long as your feelings are for Richard as part of the Ellie-Richard couple, I have no problems for it, because you would also be part of the Amber-Ellie couple. I am in a way, the link between you two. Amber-Ellie having feelings for Ellie-Richard is fine, at least, for now. I am guessing it would also be fine if we formed an Amber-Ellie-Richard entity of sorts. But I would have a problem with an Amber-Richard entity.”

“Because it would exclude you?”

I nodded, but feeling it was more than that I added, “And because you two had a pre-existing physical and somewhat emotional connection between you two before I entered the picture.”

She seemed to want to interrupt me when I said emotional, so I added clarifications.

“I mean emotional as in friendship. You guys had a friendship which brought a certain level of trust between you two that is still being built between Richard and I, and you and I. The link between you two is stronger than mine with either of you, but right now, I feel like I have more significant links with each of you than you two with each other so it balances it out. If you and Richard started having feelings without me in the equation, I am not sure how it would play out.”

“I think I see it.”, she said, somewhat relieved, “Sorry I am ruining the date with my thinking”.

“Not at all”, I replied, before planting a kiss on her lips.

When the song changed, she asked me “Wanna get out of here?”

“Oh, God yes!”, I said.

We paid our bill and decided to go to her apartment for some adult fun, one on one.

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