Pets Chapter 4 (Ellie): Back Home

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My only class of the afternoon only lasted long enough to distribute the syllabus, so I was back home much earlier than I thought.

I started with a long bubble bath, and ended up lost in my thoughts until well after all of the bubbles were gone.

At first, I anticipated college to be as boring as high school, but Richard changed my expectations a lot. If the first person I met was this nice, and his friends equally interesting, could it be possible for college to be a new start for me?

Richard had been nice enough not to mention my family to his friends, allowing me to remain in anonymity for now, but I felt as if his friends would accept me no matter what.

Elizabeth and Matthew were obviously very much in love, which was a change from all of the relationships I had seen so far. It’s not like my parents really loved each other. I think they mostly loved what the other could bring to the relationship.

Amber was the mystery. Richard called her “Candy” and ate carrot sticks from her tray throughout lunch, but he didn’t really talk to her, or even seemed to notice her.

She did look a lot at him with a vague smile, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I do admit she checked me out a lot too, which I thought was a little creepy.

Normally, I am a good judge of character after hearing a person talk just a little, but Amber barely spoke!

Once I was out of the bath, I decided to give Richard a chance and call him. He had insisted I kept his phone number in case of a problem. At first, I dismissed it as nothing but a shameless attempt to seduce me. Now, after one of the most cheerful meals in recent years, I decided it was a not so cheap attempt at seduction.

The phone only rang once when a girl answered it. I wondered if he was living in an apartment or if this was the sister he mentioned earlier.

“May I speak with Richard please ?”

Also, I could have misdialed.

“He is currently asleep.  May I take a message ?”

Asleep? At 5 in the afternoon?

“Can you tell him Ellie called? “

“Hello Ellie, it’s Candy! How do you do ?”

Wait a minute… Candy and Richard are living together? Is she his girlfriend? Is he trying to double-date? What is Richard’s deal? Did I completely misunderstand his intentions?

“Hello Candy. I didn’t know you lived with Richard?”

“He’s my roommate. I am happy you called. He seems to be very fond of you. I hope you will join us for lunch from now on. Next time, you should get to meet Susan and Kate. Is there a phone number where Richard can call you? “

Well, she didn’t sound like she was his girlfriend. That Richard was fond of me was clear enough, but had Richard and Amber been dating, she wouldn’t have announced it.

“No thanks, I think I will call back some other time”

“Normally, he wakes up around 10h30 pm. If you are still awake at 10h tonight, you can call back and I will wake him up for you but he needs his sleep until then. Monday nights are always rough on him.”

Monday nights are rough on him? What is she talking about? Anyway, I’ll know in due time.

“No thanks, I’ll see you guys tomorrow at lunch.”

I know I’ll be asleep at ten since I have a class at 8h25 tomorrow morning.

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