Pets Chapter 32 (Candy): Going out

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When Ellie initially mentioned the idea of going out to a public BDSM dungeon, I was completely against it. At least, she had the decency to ask me while Richard was in class to ensure I wasn’t shocked. After all, it’s not like it would be him performing in public.

Later that day, while Richard was asleep, Ellie dropped by and we talked longer. She explained that she mostly wanted to check it out, that we could go without any intentions of playing and that even if she wanted to play with Richard, I didn’t need to.

We spoke of my fears, basically my fear of being judged and her desires to shock and cause a reaction.

It felt good to have someone to talk to and I slowly began to realize that her own desires basically came from the same fears of rejection and being criticized.

I fear rejection so I try to blend in. I try to please everyone and hope that people will not see my defects and my limits.

Ellie also fears rejections but she learned to find moments to provoke it. To show how weird she can be so that those who still accept her, truly accept her.

It’s a completely different way to look at it, but I could somehow understand what she meant and as such, provided I wasn’t forced to do anything, I accepted to join them Wednesday.

Richard didn’t need any convincing to go, as we both expected. Showing off that he has two sexy submissive girls under his command isn’t something we thought he could resist.

And so, we drove that Wednesday to the dungeon in question, located in an old residential sector, on the second floor of a dry cleaner.

Richard loved wearing a business suit and so he wore his black “interview” suit with a deep blue dress shirt with cufflinks. I put a short black skirt with semi-transparent black stockings with my white “school girl” blouse. Ellie had opted for skinny black pants with a tight black bra-top t-shirt from Victoria’s secret. I so wanted to borrow it one day…

The entry was thru a narrow derelict staircase which showed years of abuse by the various tenants.

On the door a small computer printed sign simply requested us to enter without knocking and so, after checking with both of us, Richard turned the handle and we entered a new world of exploration.

Or so we thought…

Right on the other side of the door was a deep closet manned by a black latex wearing man in his fifties with, behind him, racks for coats in the winter. A blind was installed to prevent seeing the rest of the apartment until payment was made.

“Hello and welcome to the Black Lotus Dungeon. I assume you are students? That will be $5 each, plus a $10 membership card if you aren’t members yet.”

Richard promptly paid the men and we discovered that to become a member, all you had to do was sign the rules and give your name under the signature. No address, phone number or proof of identity was needed.

“The membership fee is to legally qualify as a private club.”

Once we made it through the blind, however, we realized quickly why Wednesdays were half off. The place was almost empty. An obese man in his sixties was manning the bar, a tall and slim woman in her forties was sitting at it and in deep conversation with him. A thirty-year-old man dressed entirely in black was taking pictures of the empty play areas at the back and a rather obese man in his twenties wearing a blue latex dress and a maid apron welcomed us.

“Hello, my name is Jennifer”, the boy replied with a falsetto tone of voice. “I can give you the tour if you would like”

Richard accepted, but my mind instantly got bored. The walls were painted black. The floor was black. The ceiling was black. The drapes used to isolate the play areas were black. The only touches of colors were Jennifer’s clothes and the little red dress of the forty-year-old woman sitting at the bar.

To make matters worse, lights were severely dimmed and candles were used to supplement the lights causing distortions in colors. Richard went toward the bar where a black-light made my blouse sparkle and my bra underneath visible. I hate black lights.

We sat down next to the only other woman on the site, with the red dress, only to realize it was also a man.

The night would be long.

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