Sue Chapter 24: Marinade

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Sue hugged Annie. “Wow, you are right”. Annie resumed practicing. Sue then hugged me. “You really are something, you know? Full of hidden talents” I blushed a little. I tried not to, but I still did. “Well, you’ll discover more as time goes by.” “I am sure I will!”, she said, kissing me. “And you,

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Pets Chapter 50 (Candy): First time

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It felt weird kissing Ellie in front of a shell shocked Richard but when Ellie began sliding my bathrobe off my shoulders, something seemed to stir up in him and he began helping her. Soon enough, he was surrounded by his two nude girlfriends. Yes, that sounded nice. I never would have thought it was

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Buffer planned until the 21st of June?

And so, the mini-arc technique appears to be working out right: I managed to write 3 chapters of Pets in almost record time! This filled in all of the Thursdays until the 20th of June, leaving June 21st as being the next open day. I will hopefully write later today a new Sue chapter (update

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Alex Chapter 6: My shack

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The tour was officially finished so I was pretty left to my own demise. I quickly returned to what would be my own shack, and saw that two men were already working hard on removing the second bed from the building. They both saluted me but otherwise didn’t really strike up a conversation. It didn’t

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Faith Chapter 20: Proposition at Breakfast

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I left Henrietta’s office with a slight smile. Not that I was happy to have had my blood taken, but that I was happy with my new employment or dress code but rather simply because I was looking forward to breakfast by the pool bar. I returned to the common area and saw a few

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I just scheduled Alex chapter 10 and it feels good

Alex was started over a decade ago, if I remember well, perhaps even 15 years and it only contained the first 3 chapters and in all honesty, it wasn’t these 3 chapters: they were a lot worse than they were. But now, the story is taking flight, and if I exclude Cookie (a non-serialized filler),

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Karen Chapter 18: Separate Beds

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Very frustrated, I left the room and took one last look at my sexy naked wife on the bed. She was already using her fingers to stimulate herself but she wasn’t looking at me. I took a new mental image of her in my mind. I had always seen her as one of the sexiest

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Pets Chapter 49 (Ellie): Trouple

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I was still holding Richard in my arms, a good 30 minutes after he was done with his story. Well, with the bulk of his story because from time to time, he repeated a segment to add a detail he had forgotten but overall, he had been right the first time. Only the physical description

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Alex Chapter 5: A tour

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Shaking, I stepped away from the table, completely nude and exposed. “I’ll show you around”, said the older woman but I honestly had no idea how I would even be able to follow her. Why did I have to pick this place? Why was this place even in the list? Why didn’t I just turn

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The buffer is saved? Perhaps too early to celebrate

I managed to write a few chapters this week despite the allergies. I even surprised myself. I would be lying, however, if I claimed they had much quality… Still, I managed to fill this week’s buffer and to program the first 2 chapters of the Faith mini-arc which will run next Tuesday (May 28th) and

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