Pets Chapter 42 (Richard): Drive home

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I waited for Ellie in front of her building, but knew not to expect Candy: she would finish much later today and had texted me she would find her way back to our apartment.

I really, really wasn’t sure bringing Ellie was a good idea: I had to sleep for tonight’s night shift but Ellie’s car was still near my apartment so provided she let me sleep, I would get to at least enjoy the time in the car with my sexy girlfriend.

Who knows? Maybe a quickie would let me sleep better…

When Ellie arrived, she had a concerned look on her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she just replied: “We’ll talk in the car…”

Oh oh… what did I do this time?

I turned every scenario in my mind. Was she going to break up with me? Did I go too far recently? Was it over between us? No, nothing let it transpire in any way. Our morning play had been wonderful, so I decided to just focus on the walk to the car.

We put our stuff on the back seat, and she sat next to me, making her raise her skirt to put her bare ass directly on the seat. Wow, I thought it was sexy when I made Candy do it, but I didn’t really own her add… Ellie’s ass, on the other hand, my mine to do as I wished!

Her long bare legs were just distracting, however, so I concentrated on the road.

“So, what’s wrong?”, I asked, worried, as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“Well, would you like it if Candy and I were closer if, in addition to being your girlfriend, I was her’s?”

My pants told me the answer to that question.

“Indeed, I would love that”

“Then, I have to ask you something odd. You might not like it, but Amber and I think it’s the way forward.”

Oh, oh… did both of my girls talk behind my back? Why did she call her Amber suddenly?

“What is it?”

“We both think we should have dates, just the two of us. Start seeing each other without you being present. Start building an actual relationship. Build some intimacy between us.”

I was worried… and excited.

“But what about you and I?”

“That doesn’t change! We still hang out, go on dates, have sex, BDSM scenes, with and without Candy. But sometimes, Amber and I will hang out together without you to explore our own relationship and see if we can make it work. If we do, you’ll have a better relationship with both of us, and I wouldn’t feel jealousy with you doing sexual things with Candy since we’ll be my girlfriend too. We’ll be in an actual polyamorous relationship”.

“And Candy is ok with this?”

“Well, the parts between her and me. If you want more between you and her, you’ll need to convince her, but I wouldn’t be in the way, unlike right now”.

I felt confused… as if letting Ellie get a little further away, I would get a little closer to her, and Amber. This was a lot to process, but sadly, something took me out of thoughts: the sound of a police siren.

“Fuck, what did I do???”

I was furious. I didn’t need a ticket right now. My face turned red and I began fuming. Don’t they have something else to do than harass students? I slowly pulled over, hitting the steering wheel in rage.

But Ellie put her hand on my arm.

“First, calm down. Be polite, and take out your driver license and registration right away. Put them on the dashboard, lower your window and put your hands on the steering wheel.”

“what?”,  I said confused.

“Listen to me… I know the drill, my family showed me how to best react, do it quickly while he is checking your plate.”

I pulled out my driver’s license, my registration, and my insurance card, just in case. I put them on the dashboard, lowered my window, and put my hands on the steering wheel. I took a few deep breaths.

From my mirror, I saw the police officer exit his car, with his hand on his gun holster.

I took more deep breaths, as Ellie rested her hand on my arm, whispering me everything would be okay. I noticed she had straightened her skirt to sit properly on it.

“Say Hello Officer, is anything wrong?”, when he arrives, she whispered. “Be extra polite, smile, and use your more professional tone”.

The police officer peaked in the window. “Hello Office, is anything wrong?”, I said.

“Did you notice the stop 2 roads earlier?”, he asked me. Shit, I did not.

“Sorry officer, I am not sure which street you refer to, but I usually make all of my stops.”. Ellie smiled. I was doing her proud.

“Do you often go this way?”, he asked me.

“Every day of the week. It’s on my way from the university to my apartment.”

“It’s a new stop. We added it over the weekend. ”

“Oh, I am sorry Officer. Perhaps I was checking the crossing to make sure I had the right to go and didn’t notice the new stop sign”

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”, he said, angrily.

“I wouldn’t know Officer”

“I didn’t give you a ticket recently?”

“No Officer”, I replied.

Ellie actually spoke: “He works as a security agent at the mall. Perhaps you saw him there?”

“Oh, right… I remember now! Did you catch a shoplifter a month ago?”

I thought back.

“Yeah, I did. From the record store. Were you one of the officers who responded?”

“My partner and I did. I don’t always do traffic. Listen, let me check your license, and I’ll let you go with a warning. But be careful… it’s a hefty fine”

“Thank you officer”

Ellie also thanked him.

I gave him my papers, and while he checked them, I kissed Ellie. I didn’t know if it’s her who let me avoid the ticket or my work, but she certainly helped me.

Within 3 minutes, we were back on the road and I was looking at all of the signs on the side of the road, enough that I don’t know if Ellie lifted her skirt or not.


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