Pets Chapter 23 (Ellie): Toy Store

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Richard dropped me up at my apartment around 8h35. That meant I had over 8 hours and a half alone to waste.

I decided it was time for me to take the bull by the horn. Richard and Candy showed me what they were doing with their lifestyle and it was the time I figured out what I wanted to do.

I went thru the list again, researching each of the elements. Most of those that turned me on were what I had already tried: bondage, spanking, Pet Play, Pony Play.

Speaking of which, I should surprise Richard by equipping myself. I found a few shops within an hour of drive, but there was one in New York which doubled with a specialty in Pony Play equipment.

It was a three hours drive, but I would be on the highway most of the way and I had my GPS.

I arrived a little before noon in front of the shop and entered nervously as if I was committing an awful sin.

The shop didn’t have any customers, so the two owners, a gay couple in their forties, were able to concentrate their attention on me.

On the walls were present all sorts of leather and latex items, such as bracelets, clothes, collars, etc…

I started by picking lockable fur-lined leather ankle and wrists cuffs. This would allow Richard to easily tie me up like he did with Candy’s equipment.

I already had a collar, but I added a nice leather leash. I also found a pet play muzzle and bought two, so Richard could silence both of his puppies.

I moved to the pony play section. The two owners were really helpful and within a few minutes, I had completed the selection of my pony play gear with a bit complete with removable blinders, a very expensive pair of hooves that locked around my ankles and my favorite, my own ponytail with real genuine long black hair. It wasn’t my own hair, but it was still human hair.

I tried the various items in the store, except the ponytail of course, to make sure they were a good match. The hooves would need getting used to but the bit was roughly the same feeling as Candy’s.

I kept talking to the owners and when they saw that money wasn’t a problem (I was already over $2000 in products), they took me back store to see a handful of carts they built over the years.

These were small chairs with large wheels from which two handles extended, allowing a human to pull it. Richard would sit in the cart while Candy and I would pull it. We would be attached each to one of the handles by a leather belt.

It was divine. I picked a model with removable wheels and handles, which allowed to easily place it in the trunk of a car. My parent didn’t know it, but they just paid for over $5000 in various bondage gear!

When they saw the final price, the offered to replace my cuffs with nicer custom ones and supplied all of the padlocks for free. They also included a very long flogger which would allow Richard to hit our buttocks while still sitting down in his cart.

I ate near the store while they adjusted my cuffs, but soon enough, I was driving back to Delaware, smiling to the long evening ahead of us.

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