Pets Chapter 48 (Richard): Shoot-out

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I stayed tucked into my hiding place, hoping not to be found, and hoping the police would arrive fast enough.

It took about 3 minutes until I heard the first gun shot. I could barely hear the muffled sound of voices in the background but the gun shots, that made it right thru the walls.

I laid flat on the floor: Who knows if a stray bullet could pierce those divisions mostly built by the lower bidder.

Bang, bang, two more gun shots and more shouting, closer this time.

Tak tak tak tak. Rapid fire. Tak tak tak tak. Someone yelling something while running, visibly in my direction.

I rolled to be almost hugging the various food containers: if a stray bullet came, perhaps it would be stopped by some rice.

“I said, drop your weapon, NOW.”, was clearly heard with a tone of authority.

I assumed it was a police officer and could hear that voice from the food court.

Tak tak tak tak, resonating even stronger. One of the bullet it a wall near my location.

“Dispatch, in the food court, I am shot. One assailant, automatic weapon, wounded.”

The police officer wasn’t just in the food court, it was almost on the other side of the wall.

“Surrender, I know you are wounded, we will get you an ambulance”

Tak tak. Just two… Was he out of bullets?

“You’ll never get me alive. If I surrender, you’ll kill me anyway.”, said the felon for the first time.

“It’s not too late. You are young, you have a whole life ahead of you”, pleaded the police officer.

“And you are bleeding like a pig”, replied the felon, but no bullets made it out.

“I’ll be fine. My colleagues are coming by”, replied the cop.

I then heard other muffled gun shots, far away in the distance.

“Wait, more gun shots?”, asked Ellie, who was sitting next to me. I barely had registered she was nude. My mind was still in he shopping mall.

Candy took her hand. “Let him finish”, she said.

So, other gun shots, in the distance.

“Your colleagues are pinned, they won’t make it in time”, but the felon’s voice was fading.

I heard a shuffle.

“Give up, I tell you, give up”, replied the police officer.

The voice of the police officer was also fading, but not because of a lack of breath but rather because he was moving away.

“I think my suspect is down. Approaching.”

There was silence for a few second, and then, Tak tak tak tak, followed by the yell of the police officer.

Bang, bang, bang. “Office hit, suspect down. I need med-evac ASAP”.

I de-barricaded my door and hesitantly peaked out.

I looked over the counter and saw the scene: The police officer was turning his back to me and holding his legs, filled with blood. Next to him was the criminal, not moving. His gun had been kicked further away from his body: we could see a trail of blood from the crook to the gun.

“I am the security agent, I am approaching from your back, to help you”, I said.

The police officer didn’t so much answered as nodded.

I knew there was a first aid kit in the Subway, so I jumped over the counter, grabbed it and rushed to the officer.

“You?”, he said. I looked up, it was the same police officer who stopped me earlier that day.

“The same?”, said Ellie, but once again, Candy stopped her.

I surveyed his wounds. He was oozing blood thru his leg, had light bleeding on the left arm and medium bleeding on the right one.

I unhooked my belt, and garroted his leg, holding it as hard as I could before placing his right hand to hold it in place.

I grabbed from the kit the pair of scissors and cut his uniform around his shoulder. More blood came rushing and the officer almost fainted.

“Stay with me”, I yelled. Tak tak tak tak, more gun shots in the distance.

I grabbed from the kit a self-adhesive gauze and quickly applied it to the shoulder. It wasn’t enough, so I placed 3 more and wrapped the wound with an elastic band. The blood loss on the shoulder lowered.

I used the scissors on his arm, cutting his sleeve. I could see the bullet, but didn’t know what to do.

I grabbed the microphone on his shoulder, pressed the button and said: ” I am the security agent, I have an officer wounded. I am trying to stabilize him and see a bullet, do I pull it out. Over”.

Quickly, an answer came. “Negative, prevent blood loss. Are you with officer 46?”

I looked at his badge number. It finished with 46. “Affirmative”, I replied.

“We are pinned, we are trying to reach your location. Can you finish to stabilize him and bring him with you to a safe location?”


“Thank you”, they replied. I dropped the microphone and I patched the wound in his arm as best as I could.

I checked him, as best as I could to find if he was bleeding from elsewhere, but saw no other wounds.

He had firmly lost consciousness and no longer holding the belt properly, resuming the bleeding.

I pulled it tight with one arm, and began sliding him on the floor toward the chicken restaurant: it was the closest one.

Gun shots were still resonating and either they were closer or I felt more exposed.

I successfully dragged him behind the counter, but I had left a trail of blood behind him.

Tak tak tak tak, were heard, closer this time. I could heard footsteps.

I returned to the dead felon and grabbed the police officer’s weapon. I looked and saw that it still had bullets in it.

I quickly ran to my patient: the belt had undone itself a little, so I quickly pulled it to put more pressure. There wasn’t much more blood around him so hopefully, it wasn’t too bad.

I felt his pulse: he still had one.

Tak tak tak tak. I was just around the corner.

“Oh no”, said Candy.

I ducked. I had no expectations of being able to shoot the gun properly let alone hit anyone.

Bang bang bang. This was the police replying. I heard a loud thud, and the sound of running foot steps.

“Third felon down”, was said in the radio.

“Security agent? We have officers near your location. Do not make any sudden movement”.

I pressed the button. “I am in the chicken restaurant, garroting your police officer.”

“Are you hurt?”, replied the female operator.

“Negative”, I replied, but my heart was beating so fast I didn’t really know. I wasn’t shot, that, I knew.

“Security agent”, was yelled from the food court.

“I am here guys.”. I look over the counter and saw 2 police officers in uniform, with their guns out.

I gently placed the service weapon of my patient on the ground, and raised my hand while holding the garrote on the other.

“Show me your other hand”, asked the closest police officer, who was now close enough to make eye contact with me, but all I count see what his gun pointing at me”

“My other hand is holding the garrote. I fear for your colleague’s life.”

The other officer got closer, without coming in front of the first officer’s line of sight, and peered over the counter, worried.

I gently moved my hand to let the belt show.

“Slide the gun away from you”

“Oh, sure…”. I couldn’t kick it, so I pushed it with the tip of my fingers, letting it slide deep into the restaurant.

The second police officer came close, while the first took life sings of the perp that hadn’t moved since I began administrating first aid.

“He’s dead”, he confirmed while the second officer was looking at my work.

He finally put his hand on my shoulder. “You did well kid”.

I nodded, but was unable to say anything.

Next thing I know, I was on a stretcher in the parking lot, with a paramedic looking me over.

I asked about my patient and was told that he was in critical care, not yet stable, but that without me, he wouldn’t have made it. A blanket was put on my shoulders, but I wasn’t really cold.

As soon as I was cleared, two detectives came to talk to me, get my version of the events. I told them everything I knew, my hiding of the recorder box, my barricading, the number of shots I heard, the sequence of events, the words of their officer, of the criminal. My attempts as first aid. That I grabbed the gun to help protect both of us, the arrival of the 2 officers, everything.

They taped it on a small recorder and barely asked any questions.

My boss arrived soon after and made sure I was ok. I confirmed I was, and he patted me on the shoulder.

“You did good kid”. He said, with pride in his voice.

“Did they get them?”, I asked.

“I am told that 4 of them died from police action, and only one surrendered. One vehicle went away but a second suspect was arrested after a long chase. It’s thanks to you. You were a goddamn hero”

“I did nothing.”, I said, humbly.

“Nothing? You saved the recording in case they escaped. You got the police here fast. You probably saved an officer’s life, and you are the first security agent to survive this gang. Kid, don’t sell yourself short. You are indeed a hero. Their cleared you, go home, sleep, and when you are ready, come see me. I’m giving you a paid vacation.”

“Thanks boss”.

I drove home, and it’s only when I entered the door that I realized I was all bloodied up. That I realized what had happened. That I realized that I had seen dead bodies and that without my quick thinking, it would have been me in it’s place.

It’s only then that I began crying.

Ellie took my hand. “They are right. You did good, but you are no kid. You are a man.”

I hugged her, and resumed crying.

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