Pets Chapter 37 (Ellie): Back home

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The evening had been surreal. I had never felt so excited before and during the drive home, thanks to my, my what exactly?

Richard was clearly my boyfriend, but what was Candy for me? After tonight, could I say she was my girlfriend?

I was clear in my mind that Richard didn’t have two girlfriends, but he did have two submissive girls under him and I seemed closer and closer not only to him but to Candy.

“Richard”, I asked, while he was driving next to me. “What did you think about Amber and I having sex on the stage?”

“I absolutely loved it… it was beautiful!”

I heard Candy giggle from the back seat.

“Would you mind it if Amber and I did some exploration together, one on one?”

Amber, from the back seat, replied first: “you mean, some sexual exploration?”

“Yeah, not in a pure BDSM mood. Just you and I discover how we can be compatible…”

I turned to look at her and she blushed. “I’d… love… that..”, she replied.

Richard was also smiling. “Would I be there?”

That was a good question…

“Well, that’s up to you. I don’t mind if you watch and join me when we are done, but it’s up to you to decide if we can experiment while you are at work or school”

“You told me that if I had sex with Candy while you were gone, we would be done, you and I”, he replied.

“Yes, that’s if I am excluded. It’s what I was feeling then. But you decide what you want. If it bothers you, we won’t do it. If you don’t mind, we might do it. If it excites you, we will definitely do it. I made my decision about being absent, but you don’t have to make the same one.”

“You said that this was how you were feeling then? Does this mean you changed your mind?”

“No, but I might one day…”

We reached Richard and Amber’s apartment in the meantime and as soon as the door was closed behind us, I began undressing.

Richard, looking at me totally naked, gave his answer. Being a teenage boy, I didn’t doubt it…

“I don’t mind if you two sometimes have sex while I am away, as long as I hear about it, as long as you still have sex with me, and as long as I get to watch when I am available…”

To my surprise, Amber had also undressed. It seemed like my personal nudity fetish had rubbed off on her…

“Am I the only one who’s not really tired?”, I asked, and I could feel both pairs of eyes on my naked body…

We jumped on the bed and soon enough, I had four pairs of hands caressing my body while I tried to return the affection. Amber and I kissed a lot more than Richard and I, but then again, Richard’s mouth was busy with my breasts, my navel and later, my clitoris.

This was not a BDSM scene at all… this was me making love to my boyfriend and my potential girlfriend at the same time. Did this mean it was a threesome? I had no idea, but soon enough, Richard was finally deep within my dripping vagina while Amber was sitting on my face somewhat both uncomfortably and in a very exciting manner.

The combination of my evening’s excitement and Richard’s prior ejaculation meant that I came almost in record time, enabling Richard to once again finish on breasts, this time on mine.

I was discovering that it was rather degrading to be ejaculated on your breasts and that I kind of liked it.

To my surprise, Candy (I couldn’t picture Amber doing it) began licking the droplets of semen on my body, but instead of swallowing them (she wasn’t Richard’s girlfriend), she kissed me and pushed her collection down my mouth.

This was the second time I had swallowed Richard’s seed tonight and I was seriously beginning to like it.

I soon became Amber’s big spoon as Richard became mine as we whispered congratulations and thanks to each other.

Richard told me I loved him, I replied that I loved him too, and to my surprise, Amber whispered in a low hesitant voice that she loved me…

I almost replied that I loved her too. Almost.

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