Pets Chapter 45 (Richard): Bothered at work

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I was doing my rounds, but I couldn’t take my mind off the date that my two girls were having.

Sure, I was excited to think that they would get closer to each other: it might make my own life easier, but what if Ellie left me for Amber? Would I lose both of them? Would I end up with the short end of the stick?

I know it’s irrational: Ellie is primarily heterosexual and judging by the course of our relationship so far, rather submissive and interested in me both as a boyfriend and a master but alone in the corridors of the shopping mall at night, I couldn’t help and be worried.

My rounds are still rather boring, but now at least, I have cool memories of Ellie and I playing together.

The job is simple, walk the corridors and sign in at each of the 7 stations scattered around the mall. I had just turned a key, the one near the food court when I heard a loud crash, followed by an engine noise.

Shit, this is it I thought. This is the bulldozer robbery!

I quickly made a mental map: they were mostly likely going to the unarmored ATM by the pharmacy, so if I ran from the food court’s utility corridor, I would reach my security station before they could act.

I realized I was already running as I was thinking about it: training had kicked in! Reflexes were high!

I took out my keys as I was running, since I always locked the security office metal door. In the other robberies, the door had been unlocked and they had destroyed the security tapes. I wouldn’t make that mistake…

I ran and reached the door with a clear coast. It took me longer to unlock the door due to the adrenaline but I quickly locked the door behind me.

I immediately picked up the phone and dialed 911, and then looked at the cameras: it was indeed a bulldozer.

“911, what is your “, I cut her off.. “I am the security agent at the mall. A bulldozer just crashed in the south entrance, they are robbing the ATM, my life is in danger, I am holed up in the security area for now. I see 4 men, one is running toward my location. They have assault weapons. Send the SWAT, they killed an agent at the last robbery. I will hang up and hide.”

“Received, help is on the way.”. I hung up, and excited the location but not before stealing the tape recorder box: it would stop recording, but we would have the footage of the start of the robbery at least.

I ran out of the office and using the utility corridor, went toward the food court again: the robber was coming from the other side!

I unlocked the door to the Chinese restaurant: they have a sushi preparation room on the side which can be locked, and hid in it, having made sure to lock the Chinese restaurant door behind me as well as the sushi preparation room.

I tried to calm my breathing: I was clutching the recorder box in my arms, pressed against my chest. I looked around and found storage box for the various tools the people use. I pulled out everything that was in it, dumped the recorder box in it and put back the tools at best as I could on top of it, and shoved the storage box on a shelf.

I then calmed down and slowed my breathing. All I could do is wait. I checked my watch: within a minute, my supervisor would be called and hopefully, it would be looped in. When would I know to get out?

I guess I would hear something on the Pa system or perhaps some gun shots when the police would arrive. I would stay here, and in fact, I decided to push the metal table against the inward opening door, and to sit on the floor, with my feet pushing on the table legs and my back to the wall: not only was I lower in case of gunshots, but I was barricading the door!

The wait started. My mind drifted again on the date. How were Ellie and Amber doing? I wondered.

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