Pets Chapter 56 (Candy): Nude beach

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We went back in the mansion to grab towels and for Ellie and me to be dressed back up. We quickly realized that we weren’t dressed at all appropriate for the beach, even if those clothes wouldn’t stay long on our bodies.

Ellie still had her bedroom in the mansion so we decided to raid it. She found a nice flower dress she put on (and apart from sandals, nothing else), while I grabbed a pair of shirts and an old t-shirt. I also put another pair of Ellie’s sandals.

Richard was a little out of luck, so he grabbed a pair of elastic shorts that Ellie had which were black and pretty much unisex, along with a simple black t-shirt from the music band “Poison” which we were both surprised Ellie had.

“I don’t what to talk about it…”, she just said, blushing.

Ellie found a pair of sandals belonging to her father and with that, we were on route for the beach!

It was just a 10-minute drive away, she assured us.

“I parked there perhaps half a dozen times, and once even made it to the regular beach but never had the courage to go further.”

None of us commented, perhaps there was indeed nothing to say.

We parked in the improvised parking lot. Well, not really improvised, let just rustic: it wasn’t paved, there were no lines to divide the spots and people were parked in many different directions.

We picked a spot on a far corner: fewer changes to be doored.

The walk to the beach was short. It was on a lake, not the sea but the lake was large enough and signs indicated that boats, even canoes and kayaks were prohibited.

“The nude beach is secluded that way, on the other sides of the rocks”

The regular beach wasn’t too crowded and I tried to estimate from the number of parked cars how many people were on the other side of the rocks, but I failed miserably: a few families were grouped in large gatherings so did they come in a single minivan? Two cars? Four? Did any of them walk?

The crowd was mainly made of families, many with small kids but there were also young couples, older people in conservative bathing suits and even three guys drinking beer on beach chairs, gesticulating on what I presumed were recollections of what they had done recently.

We pushed on. We saw a couple come from behind the rocks and assumed they were simply nudists who had enough sun for the day.

We kept on walking and quickly enough reached the rocks, and the crowd on the other end was pretty much the same kind as the first beach, but nude. Almost all were entirely nude: grandparents, parents, children.

Another odd difference is that the people on this side of the beach seemed fatter than on the other side.

All in all, they were doing pretty much the same things as on the first beach: kids were making sand castles, people were tanning, others were in the water, small kids moved from having their feet in the water to running back to the beach to the safety of their parents.

Everything was the same, but everyone was naked.

There were even two guys drinking beer on beach chairs, gesticulating to themselves.

A few heads looked at us: we were the only ones dressed.

Ellie put her beach towel on the sand and removed her sundress. She looked at me. Hesitantly, I removed my clothes too, but like many of the people on the beach itself, we both kept our sandals.

I looked at Richard, he was removing his t-shirt and not looking at us at all: he seemed to be in outer space, to be honest.

It’s only then that I realized that he was trying to avoid an erection!

Soon enough, the three of us were nude, except for our sandals, and when Ellie sat on her towel, we imitated her.

Richard asked her if she was alright, but she just nodded.

She looked everywhere around her as if she was looking for something.

Eventually, she removed her sandals, and without saying a word, went closer to the water to dip her toes.

Richard removed his sandals and followed her, but I stayed on my towel, looking anxiously at the people around us. To my surprise, no one was paying attention to me, to Ellie, to any of us.

At the Black Lotus dungeon, most of the people in the place were observing us but not now. It was just business as usual.

A child missed a beachball which landed near Ellie. She picked it up and gave it back to the child. I could see them having a short conversation, but that was it.

Richard and Ellie had a talk. I almost went to see them, but none of them had looked at me so I thought that perhaps, they wanted some alone time. This was a big moment for Ellie and while I wanted to be there for her, it was mainly Richard’s job.

They went into the water, even far enough to have water up to their shoulders, but soon enough they were back near me to dry with their towel.

“We’re leaving”, said Ellie, simply. Not exactly coldly, but not very warmly either.

I was already dry, so I picked up my clothes, er, the clothes Ellie lent me and was the first to be dressed.

Richard was next, but Ellie wasn’t quite ready to leave apparently.

“Stay here. Both of you”.

She put her sandals on and took a stroll to the end of the nude beach and back to us. We stayed there, looking at her for a good 10 minutes.

“That’s what I thought”, she said, putting her dress on.

We walked back to the car in silence, and Richard brought us back to the mansion, still in silence. I could feel a tension in the car and felt I could even cut it with a knife.

We went back to the mansion. Ellie removed her dress and her sandals, dropping them on the side of the door. She looked at me with pleading eyes and I did the same.

“Can you change back Richard?” she said, faintly.

He left us without saying a word.

As soon as he was gone, she breached the distance between us and hugged me tight, putting her head on my shoulder, but still staying silent.

We ended up sitting in the dining room prior to Richard joining us in his nice clothes.

“So, is this a failure?”, I eventually asked.

“Kids!”, she said, outraged. “No one looking, this isn’t nudity, this is banality. Have you seen? Most of them are much fatter than the people we see every day in the street. Not one pair of eyes on us. Yeah, it is a complete utter failure”.

“I wouldn’t say that”, Richard said, as he joined us.

“You wouldn’t? Were you on the same beach as us?”

“Oh, I was. I think the same way you do. But it doesn’t mean it’s a failure”

“Oh no? How else am I supposed to see this then?”

“It means that you are an exhibitionist and like voyeurs more than you are a nudist. In fact, you might not even be a nudist at all. I’d say that’s a very good point in favor of calling this a success”

Ellie looked dumbfounded.

“Well, if you phrase it like that!”, she replied.

“On my part, I really didn’t like it. I think I prefer when I clearly see who is looking at me than trying to spot who might be”, I said.

“Yeah, I see what you mean! Every time I was nude, every single time, it was either to annoy someone, to please myself or to please someone else, namely one of you two or well, you too. At the beach, it was just…”

“Frustration?”, replied Richard.

“No, worse, indifference. I grow up on that. I don’t want to live it. Hate me, love me, says what you want about me, but don’t ignore me.”

It made a lot of sense, I thought.

Richard said something nice, but I was lost in my thoughts on what I thought about that.

My train of thought was interrupted by Ellie just asking. “Let’s get the hell home. I feel like I need someone to spank my frustration the hell out of me.”

It didn’t take long for Richard to push us to get dressed and in the car: he didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity!

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