Pets Chapter 49 (Ellie): Trouple

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I was still holding Richard in my arms, a good 30 minutes after he was done with his story.

Well, with the bulk of his story because from time to time, he repeated a segment to add a detail he had forgotten but overall, he had been right the first time. Only the physical description of the dead suspect really got more details but honestly, I tried not to think of the man who came the closest to killing the man I love.

My heart was filled with pride: not only had he acted perfectly but he also had actually properly recollected the events something that the police officers would really appreciate.

I made a mental note to make sure to call my uncle to get him a medal but somehow, I thought this was now a sure thing.

The bulldozer gang had been in the newspapers and it’s my Richard who stopped them. My boyfriend. My master. Wow, that all sounded wonderful in my mind.

I basked in positive emotion and didn’t care that I had class in a few hours and hadn’t slept yet.

Eventually, he asked about our date, apologizing that he might have cut it short.

We both initially told him not to worry about it, but I could see that Amber was rather giddy. I sent a puzzled look at her and she nodded, indicating that perhaps she was ok to talk about it.

“Well, are you in a position to listen?”, I asked. “There is no rush, we can talk about it tomorrow if you prefer… we could go to bed”, I said.

“Actually, I don’t think I could sleep, but I would love to change my mind. Did you have fun at least?”

“We did. It was quite interesting. We went to a lesbian bar, had nice talks, danced together and came back home to have sex. That’s the broad lines.”

“Good. So, do I still have a girlfriend at least?”

I laughed. Both Amber and Richard looked at me.

“Well, that’s the thing…”

He became worried, but it’s Amber who finished my sentence.

“You might have two. Well, if you are interested, that is”

“Huh?”, he said, all confused.

Good, in a way. I still had in the back of my head the idea that perhaps he loved Amber more than he loved me, but I knew this was poppycock. Insecurity caused by my loveless parents.

Amber wasn’t talking and Richard was mostly looking at me. I snapped out of it and explained.

“Amber kind of realized that if she was too kind of date me, you were kind of part of the package, the same way that I realized weeks ago that she was part of the package of dating you. So in a way, she is kind of falling for you.”

“She is?”, he seemed quite speechless.

“Don’t get me wrong”, Amber added. “I don’t think I could date you, personally, I am still gay after all. But if we are both dating Ellie, I think I can develop feelings for you, no, I think I have developed feelings for you”

“So, you’d be my girlfriend too?”, he asked, still all confused.

Was he in shock? I mean, seeing someone die and fearing for your life was enough and now we were pilling on top of it!

“Yes, she would be too”, I added.

“What about sex?”, he asked, looking at me.

Ha, like a man!

“Well, my main initial issue with you having sex with Amber was a kind of fear of abandonment, so be careful not to trigger that. But the second reason was that Amber herself wasn’t interested. You’ll have to discuss with her what she wants, but you would have my blessing”.

I looked at Amber, Richard turned over to look at her.

“Well, that’s the thing, Richard. Candy is now fully yours sexually. Do what you want to her body, like when we were both single. But you’ll have to slowly seduce Amber, convince her that heterosexual sex can be interesting. Do you see the nuance?”

Richard had a blank look.

“Well”, he finally said. “Not right now, but I think I normally would. Sorry girls, it’s been a rough night”

“Understatement of the year”, I added.

Amber questioned him. “But are you happy with the change? Do you have feelings for me like I now have for you?”

“Oh, yes, I am indeed happy. I did have feelings, for years. Not quite boyfriend-girlfriend feelings but something close. I care for you. I care about you. I want to make you happy, I want to see you happy. It’s some sort of love. Not quite romantic “I want to marry you” love, that’s more what I feel for Ellie, but it’s not that far off.”

Does he want to marry me??? Wow, I had not realized we were there yet.

Amber smiled.

“I can live with that”, she said, and surprisingly, she kissed him.

Instead of feeling jealousy, I felt, well, complicity? Yeah, complicity. Amber was now a partner in my relationship with Richard in addition to being in a relationship with me.

Once their kiss ended, Richard turned to me, with a kind of panicked look but I smiled at him and kissed him as deeply as Amber had, if not more.

Soon enough, Amber and I were kissing in front of him, and the lot of us appeared to be forgetting how Richard was soaked in blood.

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