Pets Chapter 18 (Richard): Shower

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I had planned to only take a look at my two girls in the cage but as soon as I came in the room, I noticed that one of the two girls had relieved herself.

I knew what Candy would do but I wanted to know if Ellie would copy her partner, so I opened the door and let Candy exit first.

As I had foreseen it, she walked on all four in a playful mood, scratching my legs with her hands while panting heavily. I ignored her until she barked from excitement as usual.

I took her hand and helped her to raise on her knees while bending my back. I let her lick my cheek before I turned my attention to Ellie.

I could see there was an intensity in her eyes which made me think she was evaluating what to do. To push her toward my goal, I took her hand and told her “Come little doggie. Let’s give you a shower”.

Ellie looked at me and left the cage crawling on all fours.  I gently stroked her head with my hand telling her she was a good doggie.

She scratched my leg like Candy had done but I decided to let her linger until I would get my barking. Ellie whispered something which seemed to show me she was finding it hard to do but soon enough she was barking.

I took her hand and lifted her like I had done with Candy but right after Ellie had licked my cheek, I kissed her passionately. A girlfriend has privileges a simple submissive does not have…

I lead them to the bathroom where I prepared the shower. In our apartment, it takes a long time for hot water to arrive because the central water heater is in the basement.

When I turned around, satisfied at the temperature of the water, I saw both of my girls, or should I say both of my puppies, kneeling by the bath, with their hands on their thigh.  Candy started to pant with her tongue out and Ellie followed suit shortly.

I took Ellie by the hand and helped her climb the bath which doubles as a shower and made her kneel in it. I placed Candy in front of her.

I unhooked the handheld showerhead and began rising both of my girls to ensure no skin irritating urine was left on their skin. I also didn’t want to have them smell like urine all day long at school.

Candy didn’t waste the occasion and spend most of the time in the shower kissing her partner while still keeping her hands on her thighs as she was supposed to do. Ellie was visibly enjoying the kissing and placed her arms around Candy a few times before remembering she was supposed to keep steady.

Once they were clean, I took Ellie out first and dried her with a towel. I repeated with Candy and told them they could break character since it was shortly Candy’s time to leave.

Ellie didn’t say a word but instead used her mouth to kiss me passionately. I caressed her breasts a little while kissing and she clearly didn’t mind. Candy looked with appetite but stayed kneeling on the floor in order to give us some space.

Once we were done, Candy announced to Ellie she would be the one picking her clothes. Ellie protested, but the blond ignored her and quickly came back with one of her really short skirts and one of her sexy white blouses with the instructions not to button the top 4 buttons.

Ellie stood there looking at us but didn’t act until Candy insisted she tried both on.

My new girlfriend walked toward the living room and went to put on her underwear first when Candy stopped her saying she was supposed to only wear the skirt and the blouse.

Ellie protested that she simply couldn’t wear a blouse without a bra due to her more generous breasts but agreed to try it without panties.

As soon as she was dressed, Candy approved. My genitals did so too. It was so different to the unfeminine clothes she used to wear!

Ellie commented that just a little wind would expose her but Candy added that this was the exciting part. She reminded her not to sit on the skirt but rather directly on the chair.

My girlfriend blushed and started to undress. Puzzled, Candy asked her what was wrong but she was reminded she wasn’t ready to leave just yet and wouldn’t dress back until the last minute.

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