Pets Chapter 13 (Richard): First Strike

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I explained to Ellie the basic rules.

“If I am ever doing wrong and you want to slow down, say “Yellow”. If I am doing something really wrong and you need me to stop completely, say “Red”. If you want me to go faster, stronger, or more intensely and you think I am holding back because you are new at this, say “Green”.

She simply nodded her approval. Instantly, I spanked her on the right ass cheek. She trembled a little, but stayed up and silent, almost defiantly.

The second strike was stronger. I know she tried to use her hands to steady herself but realized she was still tied up.

The third strike almost made her fall, but I had anticipated her loss of balance and held her. Her buttocks were already starting to get red, but she stayed silent.

I continued alternating between soft and hard blows, gently caressing her reddening cheeks every few blow to show her I cared about her.

After about two dozen hits, I held her in my arms, from her back. With my hands, I gently caressed her stomach, slowly working my way up to her breasts. She offered no resistance or hesitation when I started groping them, gently stroking their side, moving toward the nipple.

She did turn her head toward me, and I took the opportunity by kissing her passionately.

Before I reached her nipples, I broke the embrace and starting using my flogger on her back. I made the various ropes swoosh noisily in a circle before gently striking her back, provoking tiny shivers across her body. After a few hits, I used the flogger to tickle her before using it vertically like a whip.

Alternating between the modes, I increased the pressure until she uttered a single word. I was expecting a “yellow”, but I actually got a “green”.

Still using the flogger in one arm, I surprised her with a sudden whack of my paddle across her already red buttocks.

She flinched and could have fallen down, so I dropped my flogger and held her firmly. I asked her if she was okay. She replied with a kiss.

I took that as a yes. I slowly increased the force and speed on the paddle for three more hits, but on the fourth one, she started to bit her lips and wet her eyes. I elected to stop.

I unhooked the back neck tie and passed the loop over her head, which allowed me to drop the rope to the floor in only a few seconds.

She turned around, still only wearing her collard and simply told me: “Fuck me, master. Now.”

I desperately searched for a condom in my toolbox while she was undressing me. From her eyes emanated a profound lust equalling the strength of my erection.

Within a few seconds, we were both in the bedroom, ready for action.

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