Pets Chapter 39 (Richard): Rehearsing

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I woke up alone in bed with a completely full bladder. After running to the bathroom, I found Candy and Ellie, naked, sitting in the kitchen against the kitchen counters, whispering and laughing a little with each other and yet, I could feel that something was wrong. “Are you OK girls?”, I asked. “Did something

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Pets Chapter 19 (Ellie): Home Alone

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Once Candy was gone, I was left alone with Richard. I had played a few scenes with the two of them but this was the first time I was going to do something with just Richard. I was both thrilled and scared but then again, perhaps that was exactly the point. “What did you like

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Pets Chapter 13 (Richard): First Strike

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I explained to Ellie the basic rules. “If I am ever doing wrong and you want to slow down, say “Yellow”. If I am doing something really wrong and you need me to stop completely, say “Red”. If you want me to go faster, stronger, or more intensely and you think I am holding back

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Pets Chapter 7 (Richard): First Scene

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After my proposition, Ellie simply stood there, silent. I decided to take that as a sign she accepted my offer and asked Candy to go lie face down on the floor, in front of Ellie while I retrieved a long piece of rope and my toolbox. I slowly took my time to tie Candy’s hands

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