Karen Chapter 5: Frustrated at work

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I wouldn’t say that my alarm clock really woke me up, but rather simply marked the end of my torment. Every time I was about to fall asleep, an involuntary erection would start and be restricted by the metal device Karen had installed, waking me up. I wouldn’t say I didn’t get any sleep, just

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Pets Chapter 29 (Candy): Bored at school

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After our fight, Richard and Ellie cuddled in the bedroom, but I didn’t feel like sharing their love so I took a long shower instead. I didn’t care if my master wanted me to prepare breakfast for him this morning, he would do it himself. I agreed to be his slave under specific conditions and

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Pets Chapter 7 (Richard): First Scene

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After my proposition, Ellie simply stood there, silent. I decided to take that as a sign she accepted my offer and asked Candy to go lie face down on the floor, in front of Ellie while I retrieved a long piece of rope and my toolbox. I slowly took my time to tie Candy’s hands

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