Karen Chapter 24: Trying the sleeve

This entry is part 24 of 18 in the series Karen

Lydia really wanted to try the sleeve, so we went upstairs where Karen had a devilish idea. She grabbed the belt of my bathrobe and tied my hands to the bedhead so I wouldn’t be able to touch our guest. It’s only once that was done that she undid my pants and made me bottomless.

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Karen Chapter 22: Pillow talk

This entry is part 22 of 18 in the series Karen

I woke up fully refreshed. It appears my body finally got used to sleeping with the cage on. Karen was still asleep, nude, as she’s been sleeping since our anniversary last week. I looked at her, so peaceful, angel-like. I loved her so much, she is so beautiful and sexy and yet, she torments me

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Karen Chapter 7: My turn

This entry is part 7 of 18 in the series Karen

I didn’t move much, letting Karen sleep after the orgasm I had given her, but an hour later, my wife was once again awake and in the mood. “Oh my, you didn’t get anything. Again. Are you starting to get used to it, chasty? How does it feel?” “Very frustrating. I can feel my tension

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