Alex Chapter 14: The vision

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In the chapel, only Talia and Karina were present but there was a crowd of men on the outside. I estimated a good 30 to 40.

Both women were kneeling, in front of my painting, pretty much how I had pictured them, except for the raised hands.

In fact, they were not even holding hands.

I placed myself on the left of Karina, took her left hand into mine and encouraged her silently to do the same with Talia when she looked surprised at me.

I then rose both my arms toward my painting, and simply said: “May the Goddess have our souls, while the men have our bodies”

I admit, I made that up on the spot, but Karina raised her right hand (which was holding Talia’s left) and repeated after me.

“May the Goddess have our souls while the men have our bodies”.

Talia seemed stunned and rose her right hand in her turn.

“Thank you, Goddess, for sending us your new prophetess. Thank you, Goddess, for her new prayer. Thank you for all of the new paintings you will reveal thru your agent. May you have our souls while the men have our bodies”, said Talia, almost at tears.

“Thank you, Goddess, for our new prophetess. May she open our soul like she opened our eyes”

“May I drink as much seed as you deem necessary tonight to enlighten me, Goddess. You decided to guide the men that way in defacing my body, may your wisdom guide me”

Oh, so for her, all of the sperm swallowings was a message from the Goddess? I wonder what my own message would be.

“And may my secret garden be filled to the lips with the seed of the sinners. You’ve given me many revelations thanks to its presence in my loin. May it bring me new ones tomorrow after I sleep”

Both girls looked at me.

“I do not know what you have in play for me, Goddess, but may it bring me closer to you, so I can experience and live your wisdom and so it can guide my brush as I paint. Already, you have given me a vision of the future and made it true. Maybe other visions guide my hand”.

We had been spoking solemnly since I came in, but Talia broke the mood and asked “Which vision?”

“This one. This very moment. I saw it earlier today and I almost finished painting it. After communion, perhaps you would like to see it? It shows all three of us, in this very position, praying to the Goddess”

Talia and Karina stood up. “Have it fetched”, said Karina to the redhead, who ran outdoors for a few minutes.

Karina grabbed me by the shoulders.

“This is serious. Talia has had a vision a few weeks ago which was discounted as being false. She said the Goddess would find a way to show us the future. If what you say is true, Talia is also a prophetess.”

“I would never lie about the Goddess”, I said, obviously bluffing. I was the one who engineered the recreation of my painting with no foreshadowing, either in my painting or in my engineering. I simply said words that would make me more accepted by the religious zealots that they are, and which would make my painting pop more.

Talia returned quickly and I understood that she wasn’t the one who went to fetch it: she must have asked one of the men.

I wondered if he would have the time to come back before the bells, but we soon heard a knock on the door. All three of us went to see and saw that one of the men was holding my painting.

Talia almost fainted when she saw it and Karina was jumping up and down in joy.

“This is proof! Alex, you are our promised one, and Talia will be intronised as a prophetess”

The painting, which was still unfinished but close enough to show the scene, was placed gently in the back by Karina as Talia was hugging me tightly.

“Thank you for proving me right”

We heard the bells when Karina was still walking toward us.

The men standing outside rushed in the chapel like a tsunami and all three of us were picked up by the savagely excited crowd.

No favorites seemed to emerge: the men seemed to simply gather next to wherever there was room available.

My first partner had removed his overall as he entered the chapel, had stood a little behind the others, but as they were partly undressing, he gently pushed them aside and just pushed his erection into my loin.

I looked around: I couldn’t easily see Talia or Karina due to the number of men between us, but I could hear the action going on.

I lay on the hard wooden floor and looked around: I could see no mattress, carpets or pillows. I guess that’s what religious asceticism causes: the girls in the chapel expected no comfort as they were simply following the Goddess’s desires.

I tried to count the men around me, but they kept shifting around as if they were looking for an opening.

A man rested next to me, on his back and began caressing my breasts, rather harshly. I knew I wasn’t supposed to complain, but I certainly didn’t like that part.

His dick was pointing in the air next to me and he eventually grabbed my hand so I would stroke it.

Knowing the men would pick my specialty I realized that being the handjob girl wouldn’t be too back so I applied myself, concentrating more on that than on my first partner who still hadn’t finished.

It didn’t take long for another guy to kneel next to my left hand, grab it and have me masturbate him too.

Good, this was working. Let me be the handjob girl!

I turned my head around and saw Talia on her knees, performing oral sex. I definitely didn’t want to finish as a blow job girl!

My first partner climaxed, and as soon as he was done, the guy on the right, the first handjob guy, grabbed me violently (these guys were STRONG from working outside all day long) and forced my small body on top of his, pushing his dick inside of me from below.

I didn’t take long for the guy on my left to grab my hand, the right one this time, because I was now face down, and make me resume the hand job, and for another to take my other.

While I was busy taking care of the three men, a fourth one approached, and suddenly, I realized what they wanted my role to be.

I suddenly saw what my position in this community would be.

How did it occur? I had no idea. Why did the men choose me? Was I the only one?

No clue.

But as the men behind me pushed against my rectum. I realized I was multiple-simultaneous partner girl.

As soon as the double penetration was well underway, a fifth guy kneeled in front of me, lifted my head and began fucking my mouth.

No, I wasn’t giving him a blowjob: that would imply an effort on my part and being already busy with four guys, there as no way I could do anything with my mouth.

No, he was fucking my mouth, causing me to gag uncomfortably. All I did was try to keep my teeth away and try to breathe thru the nose as all of my holes and my hands were busy with five guys.

It’s then, in the middle of the dirtiest sex I had ever had, while I was being used by five men I had never met and would possibly never talk to. When I was violently being shaken by their strength, that I realized something.

I had never been so happy.

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