Pets Chapter 53 (Amber): Dressing up

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Richard and Ellie had just left and I was alone in the apartment.

I checked the time: I still have plenty of time to get to school using the bus, so I returned to the kitchen to get a quick breakfast.

While eating, I realized that I wasn’t feeling what I was wearing. It wasn’t enough anymore.

I used to be Candy, a submissive to Richard but I was now Ellie and Richard’s girlfriend too.

I first made sure I was properly shaved, both my legs and my pussy but I had done so for my date with Ellie which was just the previous night.

I then changed to my shortest skirt, the one that almost shows the bottom of my cheeks.

I also switched to my favorite white blouse: the one which almost shows my nipples thru it. Ellie was slowly turning me into an exhibitionist and honestly, I liked it.

I was still barefoot and only wearing two items of clothing on my whole body. I looked in the mirror and undid one more button: perfect.

I grabbed a black cloth choker from my drawer. It as the closest thing to a collar and I would wear it proudly.

When I was about to close my drawer, my eyes fell on something I hadn’t worn in a while. It’s a pressure loop earring: the kind you can wear if your ears aren’t pierced, except for the nose. I place it on the septum, the piece of flesh between the nostrils so that it hangs like on a bull.

Next to it, however, was my favorite butt plug which ends on a pink glass jewel. If someone saw my butt under my dress, they’d see it.

I took a look in the mirror, including my fantastic ass, and loved it. A pair of sandals would finish my look, so I wouldn’t even wear socks.

I finished my look with a ponytail, which was fitting considering Ellie and I often did pony play.

During my commute, I took a look around but only a few older men really paid attention to me. The other students or young adults of college years didn’t seem shocked or bothered.

I rushed to my first class and managed to even properly follow, despite me wondering how the morning was going for Richard and Ellie. The butt plug was magnificent in reminding me it was in place.

I eventually made it to the cafeteria for lunch where Elizabeth was already eating. She smiled when she saw me and waved to make sure I saw her.

“Where are Richard and Ellie?”, she asked.

“Oh, well, there was a holdup at the shopping mall and Richard helped a police officer. They went to the hospital to see him”

“For real? That was him? Wow. I should have connected the dots!”

“What do you mean”, I asked.

“Well, the news is all about it. A security agent helped thwart the bulldozer gang and saved a police officer. The governor is all up on it”

I bet, I thought.

“Yeah”, I replied. “That is indeed Richard.”

“Oh wow. Is he okay?”

“Oh yeah. He wasn’t shot or anything.”

“Good, but mentally?”

“Oh, well, I am not sure. You should ask Ellie.”

“Oh right. Sorry. You do seem in an unusually good mood today, however…”

I lifted my head. Was I?

“Am I?”

She said in a conspirational tone.

“Did something good happen?”

I thought and realized what she meant.

“Oh, right, I might have found someone. Went to a bar last night and we had a ton of fun. I even brought her home and we kind of did it!”

I mentally checked: Had I come out to Elizabeth or did I just come out without thinking about it? No, I had. Good.

“Wow, congrats! Will you see her again?”

“Apparently! Perhaps tonight.”

“Awesome! I am happy for you Amber. It’s not easy to meet someone when you are straight, and we are the vast majority of the population. I can’t imagine what it’s like when you are gay.”

I knew all too well what she meant. When a girl has a crush on a guy, her main worry isn’t “Is he straight”, it’s “Does he like me”.

But when a girl had a crush on the girl, it’s the other way around!

I had to give a few more details, but I made sure not to say anything that pointed to Ellie.

We eventually parted ways and I finished my afternoon classes without seeing either Ellie or Richard.

I commuted back home and found a message on the answering machine. It was from Richard.

“Amber, we are at Ellie’s place, we are fine, we just came to pick up a few things for her and her parents want us to eat with them tonight. We’d like it if you could make it. Dress rather conservatively. We’ll be there to pick you up around 5, 5h30”

Yikes… Ellie’s parents!

I completely changed my outfit to instead wear some of the clothes I usually wear when I am working. This outfit is like a business suit for women, with a knee-length pencil skirt (elastic so I can still easily walk), a more conventional blouse and the jacket that comes with the skirt.

I actually put on a bra and panties and left both the choker and butt plug home.

This was serious business… I did almost forget the nose ring, but it was back in the drawer when my lovers came back.

I hugged them, Richard first and Ellie next, and while Richard changed, Ellie and I got to retell of our day.

She was also dressed rather conventionally but wore royal blue pants with her jacket instead of a skirt.

I was really happy to see her again. After explaining their adventure at the hospital, she confirmed we would properly finish our date soon… I really was looking forward to it.

Richard put on his own suit with his blue shirt, which made him look very dapper.

Soon after, we were in the car, going back to the Lamburger mansion.

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