Pets Chapter 7 (Richard): First Scene

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After my proposition, Ellie simply stood there, silent. I decided to take that as a sign she accepted my offer and asked Candy to go lie face down on the floor, in front of Ellie while I retrieved a long piece of rope and my toolbox.

I slowly took my time to tie Candy’s hands behind her back, continuing to her feet in what is called the Hogtie position. Having sufficient rope, I wrapped it around her waist and her legs. I finished by making a quick bit for her mouth, which she happily bit on. It must have taken over half an hour to do such an intricate design, but I wanted to make sure Ellie wouldn’t run out of the apartment in a hurry.

I then took one of the candles and explained to Ellie that these were special low-temperature candles which melted at a safe temperature for the skin.

Taking precautions to avoid dripping on my rope, I traced elegant patterns in 3 different colors on Candy’s back and legs, sending a few drops on her arms.

Each time a drop hit her skin, she twirled a little, reacting in silence to the pain. Every time I looked at Ellie, she was looking on anxiously to see where I was going.

Once I was finished, I proposed to her to see the sensation of the melted wax. Without hesitation, she extended her right arm, where I poured a few droplets. Ellie had a small reaction to the pain but seemed even more intense in her gaze of my actions afterward.

She looked puzzled when I took out my flogger but didn’t interrupt me when I started alternating between harshly hitting Candy’s legs with it and gently stroking her thighs and back.

After a few minutes of play, I untied the various knots and removed the rope. I took a ball gag and installed it in Candy’s mouth. I asked her to fetch one of the chairs, and while I waited, I took out my paddle.

Candy immediately understood where this was going and knelt on the chair, holding the base of the legs with her arms. She was facing away from Ellie so that her bottom was in direct sight of the dark-haired girl. I congratulated her on her instinct and started hitting her with the paddle.

At first, I was going softly, but I rapidly I increased the strength and the speed of the paddle until I saw Candy lose her hold on the chair.

Ellie had a face half in fear and half in excitement, unaware that my slave’s grip on the chair is actually our safe word for this occasion. From the time it took for her to let go, I knew this had been intense so I decided to let her collapse on the floor in a fetal position, slightly crying.

I knew that Candy loved being humiliated, and having a naked female spectator she find attractive was certainly causing her even more intense emotions.

As I was gently stroking her back, Candy started to masturbate, frequently looking at Ellie whom, to my surprise, had started to touch herself in the same way.

Candy came in silence, as always, but Ellie didn’t finish what she started, perhaps because the blonde finished first and she felt it awkward to continue.

I retrieved a pillow and a blanket from my room and covered Candy on the floor where she will most likely spend the rest of the night. I removed her gag and set the pillow under her head, all without waking her up.

I asked Ellie if she was alright and only got a nod from her head. I sat next to her on the sofa, and when she got closer to me, I began stroking her hair.

Soon, she would be mine. Not tonight, but soon, oh yes, she would be mine.

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