Pets Chapter 44 (Candy): Dance Floor

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The supper had been weird. I knew that Ellie wouldn’t fit perfectly in a lesbian date, but when I finally confronted her, she made me realize that it wasn’t the date itself, but rather the venue that was the problem!

I relaxed a bit and we talked about it, I think I managed to relax her a little but I was beginning to think that perhaps, I had her all wrong.

Maybe the date was a horrible idea: so far, Ellie has had 2 ways to deal with things. By thinking, which rarely goes well, and by doing, which goes better.

So I grabbed her hand without saying a word and brought her to the dance floor. She was hesitant at first, but ceded like I had planned. I think she only realized we were going to on the dance floor when we actually reached it.

“But there is almost no music”, she complained.

“Yo DJ, play us something with a good beat”, I yelled.

a few seconds later, the lights dimmed in the room, and dance lights were turned on, following by a Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger playing on the speakers. I yelled in appreciation, and began dancing, hoping my date would follow me.

It took her a few minutes to study me, but soon after she began copying my moves. She didn’t quite have the beat: she was a little too slow and too mechanical but hey, I was getting her to dance!

About halfway into the song, when it starts to get a little more intense, another couple joined us on the dance floor on our right. I nodded to them but they were self-absorbed.

Ellie was still very concentrated on what she was doing, so I leaned forward and told her to just relax and feel the music. She looked at me confused, so I kissed her. Yes, I kissed her! And she kissed me back for a few seconds.

I pulled away and resumed my dancing, smiling at her. She smiled back and when the song ended, Children by Robert Miles started, bringing anther couple on the dance floor, to our left this time. I nodded to them and one of the girls, one I had seen in the past, nodded back.

Ellie could feel the beat better with Children: it’s a smoother more regular song and it’s longer so you have more chances to feel the beat and get used to it.

Two other girls joined the dance floor during the song, but they didn’t seem to be together and they hung on opposite corners.

When Children ended, another instrumental song began: the Bongo Song by Safri duo. It was an odd choice after Children because it’s less fluid and more jerky but most of the girls, including Ellie, managed to get into it mainly by more bobbing around…

Ellie seemed to be having a good time but I knew what was coming soon. At this bar, they only play 3 dance songs in a row and once the Bongo Song was over the beat changed completely to Keep on Loving You by Reo Speed Wagon.

The couples on our sides quickly came closer to dance close to their partner and I took Ellie’s hands to pull her closer to me. Her eyes seemed to panic but she didn’t resist.

We danced closed by, with my hand on her shoulder and our breasts pressed against each other. I gently slid my hands down her back and held her by her ass, while she just held me near the middle of my back.

But then, the powerful chorus started “When I said that I love you I meant,┬áThat I love you forever”, guitar speed change “And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you”….

So I shifted my head and kissed Ellie, all while moving my right hand so it went under her skirt, which ended up lifted the skirt and exposing her bare bottom. She didn’t seem to mind or even realize.

I could barely see in my peripheral vision that the couple on our right was also kissing. We didn’t stop our deep tongue dance but on the next chorus, I felt Ellie copy my move as she slid her hand under my skirt and hesitantly caressed my cheeks.

I was in bliss!

But then, the song ended and was replaced by the most ironic choice I could have ever picked: Alone by Heart.

I hit me that this song could have very well have been talking about Ellie and I, with Richard being between us. It made me wonder how close to Richard I could really me and a small tear began to form in the corner of my eye.

I had said yes to a lot of things with my body over the years, but what about my heart?

The DJ however broke the mood at the end of the song by playing Here I go Again by Whitesnake. Why play a song about a separation at a bar where people go to meet? Sure, it’s a very good song, but have your ever listened to the lyrics?

Like that, my forming tear had dried up. I would need to make up my own mind. Am I really ready to open a little room in heart for Richard or should I give up Ellie and walk along the lonely street of dreams?

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