Pets Chapter 35 (Candy): Running with Scissors

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More and more, I find it really hard to just kiss Ellie, especially when we are both naked and our breasts are almost pressed together. I knew we were in a club. I knew Diane was looking at us. I knew the stage floor probably wasn’t 100% clean. But after the yoga, I knew what

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Pets Chapter 27 (Richard): Confusion

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Ellie and I seemed to have reached a new level in our relationship. We felt closer and sex was certainly more interesting. Some days, I had the impression that I was neglecting Candy but on the other hand, Ellie wasn’t and it seemed to please her even more. I guess my girlfriend has some equipment

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Pets Chapter 21 (Ellie): Sapphic Evening

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Finally, we were home from supper. I must admit that eating out with my boyfriend was fun. Now that we were back, however, I could only think about my previous supper I finished eating on the floor, next to Candy. Speaking of the devil, we found her kneeling in the bedroom in front of her cage,

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Pets Chapter 14: Sideview

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When Richard and Ellie started their scene, I stayed on the floor, moving only from time to time in order to get a full view of the action. Ellie had looked wonderful with my blonde tail contrasting with her dark black hair. That butt plug had only ever been in my behind, but now, I

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Harmony Chapter 30: Delays and taking a bath

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I explained to Mark that I might not sleep in his house tonight, that in my new temporary share of coordinator, I might often sleep out in the dining hall but I told him I was still available on my night and would still eat with them over supper. He understood, but both Cassiopeia and

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Harmony Chapter 24: Playing with the cook

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By the time I was done in the kitchen, it was already time for the supper banquet and so, I ate with my current family. I made efforts to try and get closer to Cassiopeia who was the sister-wife I felt the closest to. I mean, Tiffany was a bimbo while Penelope was nice but

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Harmony Chapter 12: Plowing

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Tiffany was the one who found me once they were done having sex. She was still partly covered in dried mud and I could see the mud imprints of Alexandra’s hands on her buttock and breasts. “Hey, you left. I missed you” I almost laughed in her face: It was clear she preferred Alexandra over

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Harmony Chapter 8: Going to bed

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From the outside, the little houses looked desperately tiny. At first glance earlier that day, I had imagined a couple living in each of the metal containers and found them terribly inadequate for that purpose. Now that I realized at the banquet that each man in the city had 3 to 5 concubines, it was

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