Pets Chapter 35 (Candy): Running with Scissors

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More and more, I find it really hard to just kiss Ellie, especially when we are both naked and our breasts are almost pressed together.

I knew we were in a club. I knew Diane was looking at us. I knew the stage floor probably wasn’t 100% clean.

But after the yoga, I knew what I wanted and didn’t care about anything else. I wanted to have sex with Ellie, right now, right here.

I began by caressing her hair without breaking our kiss. Ellie fortunately reciprocated and so, soon enough, my other hand moved toward her wonderfully firm ass.

Ellie broke our kiss as if to protest, but I pressed on. This girl wouldn’t reject me…

My arms began drifting on her sweet body, caressing her everywhere I already knew she liked. I knew I could please her with my touch, but the question in my mind was: would she do the same, right here, right now?

At first, she buckled a little. She seemed to be tense, but slowly, she opened up and soon enough, I could feel her hands on my back. I knew she really liked sliding her finger into my dimples of venus, the two little “holes” on either side of my back.

Ellie had them too, but her hips were thinner and apparently, that made them less prominent. I didn’t find such dimples specifically sexy, they did add to the figure of a girl since they usually only show up on thin girls, but Ellie always seemed fascinated by them: most men don’t have any because of their hips.

So far, every time she had caressed mine, we had ended up having sex. It’s as if it was her subconscious signal that she was ready.

And so, I took her hand, I kneeled before her, kissed her mouth, and laid on my back, pulling her gently toward me.

She laid on top of me with her delicate frame (that’s one other reason to prefer sex with girls: they don’t crush you when they are on top of you) and we resume our kissing, but with more intimate caressing.

I sent my right hand exploring a little more sexually her body until it escalated her Venus mountain and found her delicate clitoris.

Oh, what a wonderful organ! The only organ in the human body entirely devoted to sex and pleasure and only women had them! Small, sensitive, sensual, it only needed the lightest of touch to feel appreciated and was even protected by a little hood which let you decide how direct you wanted to approach it.

it was quite the opposite of the big demanding phallus that every man has between his legs, which jumped to attention to indicate, nay, yell that it wanted well, attention.

The small clitoris was more like a flower you had to gently caress than a train looking for a tunnel to ride in.

Ellie didn’t take the initiative, so with my left hand, I took her right hand and pulled it toward my own pleasure button.

She still didn’t quite know exactly how to please me, but she was getting there. Yes, she was…

With my now free hand, I could resume caressing her soft body, notably noting that her nipples were fully erect. I could feel Ellie breathing hard

But tonight, I didn’t want us to finish with mutual masturbation. Instead, I gently pushed her away from me, and just told her to trust me…

I made her lay on her back opposite of me, with her right leg over my left one, so that my own right leg was over the left. If you are having trouble picturing this, remember that being opposite of each other, her right is on my left and vice-versa.

Still can’t picture it? It’s called scissoring… imagine two scissors having sex, and you have a pretty good idea.

I took her right hand with mine and pulled her closer so that my clitoris would brush against her thigh and so that hers would brush against mine.

We were both already dripping wet, so it was easy to slide and provide additional sensations to both of us as we gently rocked back and forth.

I could feel that I was receiving more pleasure than I was giving, so I concentrate to slow down my excitement, trying to increase the pressure on my partner’s nerve endings.

At some point, I became afraid it wouldn’t be enough for her to climax: not every girl can come from scissoring, and even two girls who know they like it are not necessarily compatible.

The problem was that I really liked scissoring, and as such, was having more and more problems pushing down my orgasm.

I waited another 20 seconds, but eventually, my body gave away, sending me waves of pleasure and contracting my muscles. I felt sad for Ellie until I realized that this had been just what she needed, and I saw her collapse on the floor just as much as I did.

Once we had recuperated, I could hear a few pair of hands clapping, making me realize we had a public and, at first glance, a more numerous public than when we had started.

I was the first to move and used my energy to approach Ellie and cuddle her.

It’s only after we were settled that Richard came into view and kissed his girlfriend.

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