Nancy Chapter 4: Spending the night

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This entry is part 4 of 0 in the series Nancy

Melody and I were soon alone in her bedroom.

“I think you should remain nude until tomorrow morning, get as much time as possible naked until you are forced to do it in college”

“But, I haven’t eaten supper yet, and I’ll need to go to the bathroom!”, I said, panicking.

She laughed.

“Don’t you guess which type of pension this is? I work at a nudist resort, I go to a CMNF college. Did you think I picked a pension at random?”

I thought about it.

“I guess not”

“This is a clothing optional one. Here, let me join you. I haven’t worn clothes for that long since I moved here!”

Quickly, she removed her t-shirt and shorts, revealing she was nude under them.

“I actually gave up on wearing bras, like, possibly forever.”. She grabbed her smallish breasts with both hands “These girls don’t actually need one”

I noticed she as fully shaved, like, even her genital area!

I almost felt ashames of my untamed bush.

“Did you eat yet? Let’s go grab supper!”

I protested, but she dragged me by my hand where Willliam, another teenage girl called Ginger and a second teenage boy, Kyle, were eating lunch with the pensioner. All four of them were dressed.

We made awkward presentations and shy, I sat down to eat. I thanked the pensioner for the food and she said not to worry, any friend of Melody was her friend.

“School will open in 2 days anyway. You are welcome to stay.”

I thanked her.

“I am a Claireview graduate myself. Oh, it was a long time ago… decades! I wasn’t always this old and wrinkly.”

The teenagers all protested that she wasn’t that old, but she ignored them.

“Back then, of course, things were different.”

I focused on my food as she rambled on about women’s liberation, sexual freedom, AIDS, homosexuality, drugs, and the purity of female nudity.

I tried to understand her point but gave up as she never quite explained what she personally thought about her subject.

“In my time, there was no homosexual activity, we never saw two women get it on or two guys together. How the times have changed!”, without being clear if the change was for the better or the worse.

The food was greats: it was a homemade chicken pot pie with just the right amount of cream in it to make succulent without being too rich.

At first, I was really shy, in particular with Kyle’s eyes on me. Earlier during the meal, he had explained that he was a first-year student and that his father had attended the school and encouraged him, much to his mother’s dismay, to attend.

Ginger, however, explained that this was just a safety school, that she didn’t want to come but it was the only one who offered her partial tuition. She knew, unlike me, of the rules and hate them with a passion, but her single mother couldn’t pay for her education and she desperately wants to break the cycle of poverty.

“My mother didn’t go to college and in fact, didn’t get a high school diploma. She dropped out when she had me. My grandmother didn’t even go to high school and had my mother when she was 15. I refuse to let this continue for another generation”

I could see a kind of defiance in her tone. A kind of all or nothing view of life.

After super, Melodie and I went back into her room and spoke for a while about our expectations from a college.

I admitted that mine changed completely today! I had no idea how to approach the CMNF aspect of the school. I had no idea how to talk to others, socialize, make friends.

“Like at any other place!”, she replied. “I spoke to a few people who’ve been there and the consensus is that class still occurs pretty much like at any other school, well, most of the time. Parties are a little wilder, but you don’t have to do anything. Heck, you can lock yourself in your dorm room every evening if you want.”

“I guess”, I said, still not convinced of anything”.

“I, for one, will try to fuck as many students as I can. Once each, please, leave room for the other guys….”

My jaw dropped.

“For real?”

“Hell yeah. And with a body like this on display, do you think many will say no? I’ll be very direct: all I want, is once with each guy. No drama, no expectations. It can be a quicky. All I want is that dick of yours, inside of me, so I can cross you off my list”

How was she my friend???


“But what, it’s my body. We are all adults. Why do you think this college is 18 years or older? So that there are no minors on location. Sex is prohibited during class and meals but other than that, it’s pretty much an open buffet… if you want to, and I do.”

“Ok” was all I could say. Nudity, sex with every guy on campus, nudist camp, this wasn’t the Melody I knew in high school.

She went on a little while but eventually began talking about the work she was doing cleaning up at the nudist place, the cover she gave her parents (working on a farm to build her character) and the classes she was registered to.

I tuned most of what she was saying out but somehow, I think she knew. I think she was filling the silence to put me at ease, something she sometimes had done in high school.

Perhaps she was still my friend, and I simply needed to accept her new lifestyle, after all, in a way, it would be mine too.

We eventually shared her bed, still nude, each on our side of the bed but the next morning, when I woke up, she was cuddling me.

Far from being weird, this felt kind of nice.

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