Pets Chapter 50 (Candy): First time

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It felt weird kissing Ellie in front of a shell shocked Richard but when Ellie began sliding my bathrobe off my shoulders, something seemed to stir up in him and he began helping her.

Soon enough, he was surrounded by his two nude girlfriends. Yes, that sounded nice. I never would have thought it was possible for me to see myself that way but thanks to Ellie, I was starting to.

Girlfriend… of Richard. His secondary one, but still. I was gay! I never would have thought this to be possible.

Richard kissed me. I know he had been kissing Ellie, but this felt appropriate. I felt like he was kissing Amber for one of the first times, not just using my body.

“Why don’t you two go take a shower. I’ll be in the bedroom”, said Ellie.

I didn’t know why she gave me that opportunity, but I kissed her for it.

I stood up, grabbed Richard to the bedroom and he offered zero resistance.

He even helped me remove his uniform. The blood put me off a little, but blood never scared me, at least, not since I began having my periods.

Soon enough, we were washing each other in the shower, alone, with him running his gentle hands on my body and me washing away the blood from his.

We kissed more, he caressed the various crevasses and curves of my body and I gently played with his increasing erection, first with my hands and later kneeling in front of him.

We quickly exited the shower after that, drying off in a hurry and running back to Ellie who was laying on the bed, with, I noticed, a condom in her hand, which she handed to me when I was close enough.

“Wanna try?”. Ashamed, I nodded and thanked her.

Richard placed himself next to Ellie and they kissed while I undid the condom package. I was no stranger to placing a condom on him, what was different was that this time, for the first time, I was expecting to enjoy it instead of feeling dirty about it.

Was I imagining things? Would a small epiphany be enough to change the way my body reacts? Was I making a mistake?

I just rolled with it and placed the condom. Richard grabbed me delicately by the shoulder and placed me on my back, next to Ellie.

He moved between my legs and approached me. “Are you sure?”, he asked. I gulped and nodded. “Even if this is not in a BDSM mood?”. I nodded more.

He turned to Ellie but didn’t have time to ask a question. “Just do it dude… stop being afraid. She is your girlfriend too now.”

They kissed. It was very sexy to see them kiss above me. Far from feeling like the third wheel, I could feel their love for each other, almost running through me.

Gently, he slid between my legs and delicately entered my secret garden.

It felt weird. He wasn’t ordering me around. He wasn’t hitting me. The condom wasn’t filled with Ellie’s juices. This wasn’t just sex, this, in a way, was making love.

He confirmed I was ok and I realized he was fully in. I felt no pain, no shame and no desire to run for my life.

I nodded and he kissed me. When he stopped, Ellie took my lips with hers and that helped me relax even more as Richard began thrusting inside of me.

Pleasure began building as my body adjusted to the mood. Was it as exciting as with Ellie? I would be lying if I said it was, but it was definitely something.

Instead of feeling stabbed, I felt loved. Instead of feeling abused, I felt desired. Instead of feeling guilty, I felt desire.

Ellie began gently nibbling on my left nipple as Richard continued to gently rock back and forth.

He had this tense look in his face that I had seen when he was having sex with Ellie. I think it’s something like him trying to ensure that his partner is having fun while trying not to come too early.

In the past, he didn’t really care about my pleasure: I was just his slave, his sex toy. You don’t focus on pleasing your sex toy, you use it and abuse it.

This was different and I could feel it. I could feel his desire for me, not just for release. I could feel Ellie’s excitement for our lovemaking and not just her desire for me or Richard.

I could feel the love all around.

It was enough for tears to run down my eyes, which immediately were noticed by Ellie.

“Are you ok Amber?”, she asked, concerned. Richard stopped moving and looked at me intensively.

“Yeah, it’s just overwhelming. I mean, it’s all so new”

“Shall I stop?”, Richard asked.

“Oh God, please, no… keep going… if Ellie is ok with it, of course”.

For an answer, Ellie kissed me and Richard resumed his sensual thrusting as the first wave of pleasure began hitting me.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an orgasm. Just, perhaps, my body turning on.

No, this was my first time where I wasn’t tense. I didn’t think it would go anywhere concrete, but it was pleasurable.

Richard took his time, Ellie caressed and reassured me. They both checked in on me to ensure I was ok.

But my body just wasn’t used to this yet. I did have a few orgasms by penetration in the past but it was mostly either from BDSM thoughts or from my own imagination.

This was different, different enough to not be able to fully grasp that little death by the arms and pull it toward me.

It was always nearby, however. The pressure was rising, but not quite enough.

Richard closed his eyes and began moving a little slower. I kind of knew what this meant: he wasn’t far from coming.

“Just go Richard, this is my first time, in a way, don’t wait for me”. I pleaded with him.

He opened his eyes and kissed Ellie and then me. He accelerated his movement and it didn’t take long for his body to tense up and for him to come.

Now that is something I always enjoyed. Not him coming inside of me specifically, but making him have an orgasm. As a submissive, pleasing your dominant is always something pleasurable but today, right now, it was a little more.

I had made my boyfriend orgasm inside of me. For the first time.

I had a boyfriend. Me, who I always thought was 100% gay. A wave a panic seemed to start to make we requestion everything, as Richard was exiting me and taking care of his dirty condom.

Fortunately, Ellie kissed me and somehow, that made it alright.

I think we were both asleep in each other’s arm before Richard came back from the bathroom, but I believe Ellie told me she loved me and that I replied that I did so too, or was that just in my dreams?

Who knows, but I was happy.

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