Pets Chapter 40 (Ellie): time for a couple

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And so, it seemed like I wasn’t just using nudity for shock value, but that  I had turned into a full-fledged exhibitionist.

The practice session with Candy and Richard was really making look forward to Saturday evening and I couldn’t wait to stand once again on that wooden elevated scene, doing humiliating and exciting things in front of others.

“Do you think that Saturday, we could have sex at the end of our scene?”, I asked Richard.

“Sure, I guess so. It could be really exciting”.

“But can I be tied when you do it?”, I hesitantly added.

“Really?”, Richard added, with a glimmer in his eyes.

“Yes.. and do you think… I know this is crazy, but do you think you could, perhaps…. have me be tied to Candy when we do it?”

“Wow, that’s quite a step up. I am sure I can find somewhere a position that’s comfortable for you two”.

So I guess you have to spell everything to a man!

“No, I don’t think you understand..”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want it to be particularly comfortable… wouldn’t that defeat the point of bondage?”, I tried to explain.

“Well, the point of bondage is to restrain, not necessarily to… oh, I see want you mean. Sorry. But you’ve never tried before?”

“What about you waiting for then?”

Richard kissed me and run to retrieve his case containing all of his ropes of various colors, lengths, and fabric… He could navigate them so easily I was always surprised. He told me that he had stitched a color code on the end of the ropes, but that still didn’t tell me much.

Slowly, Richard began preparing a harness covering my body, surrounding my breasts, my legs, and my arms individually.

I couldn’t grasp what he was doing: it felt more like he was dressing me in ropes instead of performing bondage.

Eventually, after a good 4-5 minutes of wrapping me, he tied the rope, giving me the impression that he was done, but I was still mostly able to move.

But he pulled out other ropes…

He had me stand on all fours and one by one, he used ropes to bring closer together and lock various strands of the harness together.

My arms were tied in front of me to a chair, and my legs were spread using, well, a spreader bar. A rope mouth gag was slid into my mouth.

My thighs were firmly tied to my stomach so that I couldn’t unbend my knees.

Slowly, as ropes were added to tighten my posture, I felt like I could move less and less.

Richard was visibly improvising his positioning of ropes: he had to redo a few and change a few knots after he had done them, but his touch was light and sure. He projected a confidence I couldn’t shake even if I couldn’t see him most of the time.

Far from stressful, I felt completely relaxed. Being tied like this was almost better than a massage. I felt completely calm. I was so calm I was almost falling asleep!

I wouldn’t say I was comfortable, but it was a pleasant discomfort if you can understand what I mean: it was a submissive discomfort, one you accept out of joy to please your boyfriend.

Soon enough, he was done and I could hear his clothes falling on the ground.

Within a few seconds, he was directly behind me and pushing to slide his fully erect magnificent cock inside of me.

I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t turn my head, but I could feel him pushing inside of me and I could sense his arms pulling on my harness to get a grip. I could feel the little sweat on his thighs against my skin showing me how much of a good time he was having.

I could hear his breath gasping for air as my own excitement rose with his.

And so, I closed my eyes and reveled in the multiple sensations. I imagined the chair being Candy and her soft skin touching mine. I could almost see the eyes of the crowd.

I could sense the warmth of Candy’s skin, the heat of the stage’s spotlight and Richard thrusting deep into me.

I clenched hard soon after as I climaxed much faster than I had thought possible unless I had simply lost track of time.

Richard moaned not much later and collapsed by my side.

Me? I stayed there. After all, I couldn’t move, and it felt great.


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