Faith Chapter 24: Dimitri’s bid

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My next bidder was Russian. Dimitri, a man in the early forties.

“I am a gas magnate”, he explained in the Sushi bar with a very broken accent.

“I am here with my wife, who is Korean, but I would like to take your virginity like I took hers and plenty of other women. I am the hymen whisperer: very gently, very delicate. You do not have to worry about me”

I knew he was the second highest bidder from Aisha and her favorite.

“What about your wife?”

“She is, oh, I do not know the word in English. She enjoys when I have sex with young sexy women. She saw you and encouraged me to bid”

I was shocked.

“She did?”

“Oh yes. We had great sex thanks to you last night”

“Can I ask a personal question then?”

“Yes, she is naked on the boat, and will be at the resort”, he replied.

“No, no, what I wanted to know is, do you know what she likes into that?”

“Oh. I think you should ask her. Yes, why don’t we do that? Don’t decide who will take your hymen until you speak to her. I can arrange that.”

“What about right now?”

“Good idea! Let me call her!”

He rose up from his seat and asked the bartender for the phone.

She gave him some privacy and came to talk to me.

“Real smooth… play to their interests, make them invested. Oh, and I could hear him talk about the hymen, I suggest you go see our OB/GYN. If you still have it, she weakens it to make it painless, and if you don’t, she can fake one. Oh, he’s coming back…”

Fake one? Now I was curious.

“She is coming. I’ll do the presentations, but I hope you two hit it off. She is really nice.”

He ran to the door, excited.

The bartender gave me a thumbs up.

Lin, his wife, was a stunning 20 or 21 years old Korean woman with small hips but big breasts which felt out of place until I saw minuscule scars showing she had implants.

She had short dark hair which didn’t look that good, but her face was very attractive.

Wait, I also kind of liked Yoko. Did I have a thing for Asian girls? Something to note.

I saw on her silver bracelet only a red pebble.

“Hello”, she said with a shy English. She nodded and we shook our head.

“I’ll leave you girls alone”, said Dimitri as he left the room.

“Happy to meet you, Lin. I hear you like when your husband has sex with other girls?”

She hesitated a few moments as if she was translating each word in her mind.

“Yes, very much. Especially girls like you. His girl in Russia is not warm. I prefer when the girl is warm”

“Warm? Oh, you mean hot?”

“Yes, hot. So that’s what I like”

“But why?”, I asked.

“Because I want him to have other hot women, not ugly ones”

“No, I get that, what I mean, why share him? Why do you like that he has sex with other women?”

She thought for a while.

“Sharing is caring. I want him to be free. I don’t know. It makes me hot. He talks about them, the time with them, and then he does to me what he did to them. I like that. He sees all of these women and then comes back to me hotter.”


“But you never watch?”


“Why?”, I asked.

“Other girls not like that”, she said.

“What if you could watch us?”

“You mean, see him take you”, she then said a word in Korean or Russian, which I presumed meant virginity, but that I couldn’t parse.

“Yes. Watch us do it”

“I think I like that. Oh, I think it would make us happy”

She was giddy.

“Do you like women?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”, or well, something like that.

“Touching women, having sex with them.”

She blushed.

“Isn’t sex between, well, you know.”

“Doesn’t have to be. There are other things we can do, you know”

“Have you, you know, done it?”, she asks.

“No, I haven’t done anything. That’s the whole point of this meeting. Dimitri might be my first man, you might be my first woman.”

She blushed. “You would be my first too. I don’t know if I want this. Let me talk to him.” Ok, it wasn’t that clear, but that’s what she meant.

She left to go talk to him, and they can back together. “Ok”, he said. “Let me raise my bid, I would take your hymen, and then my wife would do you. Yes?”

“I have other bidders to meet, but that sounds lovely”.

They left hand in hand and I had a good idea about what they were going to do.

The bartender served me a Sprite. “You are really smooth. You’ll do great here.”

I smiled. I think I would, but did I want to?

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