The Circle Chapter 7: Going down

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Stephanie and Kim were still kissing, when my wife pulled our lover from the sitting position to lay on the bed by her side. Both women faced each other while kissing, and Stephanie was caressing Kim’s hair while Kim was resting her right arm (she was laying on her left side) on top of my

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Karen Chapter 7: My turn

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I didn’t move much, letting Karen sleep after the orgasm I had given her, but an hour later, my wife was once again awake and in the mood. “Oh my, you didn’t get anything. Again. Are you starting to get used to it, chasty? How does it feel?” “Very frustrating. I can feel my tension

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Karen Chapter 6: 24 hours in

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I nervously drove home from work. I had no idea what my evening would entail, but I quickly noticed that all of the blinds and drapes were closed… Without any surprise, I found my very sexy wife fully naked in the living room when I entered the house. When I say fully naked, I mean, with

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Pets Chapter 40 (Ellie): time for a couple

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And so, it seemed like I wasn’t just using nudity for shock value, but that  I had turned into a full-fledged exhibitionist. The practice session with Candy and Richard was really making look forward to Saturday evening and I couldn’t wait to stand once again on that wooden elevated scene, doing humiliating and exciting things

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Pets Chapter 36 (Richard): Saying Goodye

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Hugo had kept me company while my submissives were doing their first public scene under Jake’s discrete camera filming everything on my own memory card. I know Hugo seemed nice and friendly, but I must admit my eyes were soldered on Ellie’s naked body as she moved under Candy’s directives. I know Candy is a

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Pets Chapter 35 (Candy): Running with Scissors

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More and more, I find it really hard to just kiss Ellie, especially when we are both naked and our breasts are almost pressed together. I knew we were in a club. I knew Diane was looking at us. I knew the stage floor probably wasn’t 100% clean. But after the yoga, I knew what

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Pets Chapter 21 (Ellie): Sapphic Evening

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Finally, we were home from supper. I must admit that eating out with my boyfriend was fun. Now that we were back, however, I could only think about my previous supper I finished eating on the floor, next to Candy. Speaking of the devil, we found her kneeling in the bedroom in front of her cage,

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Pets Chapter 19 (Ellie): Home Alone

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Once Candy was gone, I was left alone with Richard. I had played a few scenes with the two of them but this was the first time I was going to do something with just Richard. I was both thrilled and scared but then again, perhaps that was exactly the point. “What did you like

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Pets Chapter 17 (Candy): The Cage

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Richard entered our bedroom with his new girlfriend toward our bedroom. Next to the bed where we spent the night, was me in my steel cage. The bottom of the cage was over elevated by a few inches, which allowed Richard to install a metal tray with newspapers like on animal cages. The first time

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