Pets Chapter 47 (Candy): Adult Fun

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the drive home was very painful: Ellie had managed to turn me on more than ever and we had to endure the drive, side by side, until we would get back to my apartment.

The torture didn’t last long: we almost ran upstairs and clothes went flying as soon as the door closed.

I didn’t quite know what had really turned her on: was is the dancing? the time with me? The emotional discussion?

Heck, I wasn’t even sure what had turned me on either, but all I knew was that I felt closer to Ellie than at any point before, and perhaps even closer than anyone else at that point.

I didn’t think it was our physical proximity of even the moment passed at the bar. I think it was more something like a closer emotional proximity.

We kissed as soon as she was nude, but I still had my socks on, still, out bodies pressed against each other and my world was spinning already.

I never thought that I would find the girl of my dreams via Richard! I had always seen him as a placeholder, a person with whom to have some physical proximity and that I would find a partner my own way.

When I was playing with Ellie earlier, notably at the black lotus, I felt like I had found a perfect partner for BDSM or even sexual play, but now?

Was this love?

I removed my socks and we not so much ran toward the bed as jumped on it.

I felt a strange sensation in my beating heart, as if this would be our first time even thought we pretty much knew each other’s bodies.

I tried to think back and realized that this, in a way, would be our first time: first time after a date together, first time with no signs of Richard, first time in a purely sexual manner with no hints of submission, pet play, etc..

In a way, it would be my first time as Amber and not Candy!

The timing was very different too: We touched sensually each other’s bodies, caressing each other’s hair and kissing on our lips without really focusing on sexual tension or pleasure.

We were just exploring, we were just enjoying the moment, we were just, us. No pressure, no impatient man looking at us waiting for his turn with his girlfriend.

She was the first to touch a breast, by caressing the side of my left one and I felt no pressure to reciprocate: instead, I pulled closer and nibbled on her ear.

Gently, we grew closer, not physically, well, yes, physically, but not closer in terms of inches but in term of sensation.

It’s as if we were not sure much caressing each other as tuning our bodies to be in sync!

I had my share of sex with girls and I don’t know if it was our past history or our emotional connection, but I already felt like I was on a higher level and none of my truly erogenous zones had been touched.

Ellie broke our kiss to gently suck on my nipples, so I pressed and began caressing her small perky breasts.

I had seen Ellie naked a lot since that first fateful evening at our apartment but this time it felt like this wasn’t just a beautiful body, it was my own playground.

Instead of focusing just on trying to bring her pleasure, I tried to enjoy touching as much of her as I could and her small moans seemed to show that I was making a right choice.

I slowly approached her mound and when I began pulling away for the 3 or 4 time, she grabbed my hand and pressed it to her delicate garden.

We moved out play to a new level as I began caressing her private parts and she began exploring mine.

We took our time. With no external pressure to perform or put a show, we kept touching ourselves while kissing.

Our moans would often cross as time and orgasms flew by, but instead of short intensive ones, they felt like slow undulating waves where you weren’t really sure when they started or stopped.

At some point, I know that she put her head between my thighs to perform oral sex but I am not when she did or if I reciprocated. All I know that before long, we were back side by side kissing and touching each other.

I think we were pretty far gone when I heard the front door open and I snapped to attention.

Was it already morning? Was Richard already back from work?

But the Alarm clock only said it was just 4h45. I suddenly tensed up: had we locked the door? Was this a home invasion? Ellie felt it.

“What’s wrong?”, Ellie said, half gone.

“Somebody came in. Did we lock the door?”

“Must be Richard”, she muttered, half present.

“It’s too early”. Shit, she is too far gone, this will be entirely on me.

I jumped off the bed, grabbed a bathrobe from the wardrobe as well as a paddle for protection. It wouldn’t be much, but I knew from experience how much this one hurt and how sturdy it was.

Gently, I looked in the living room and dropped the paddle on the floor as soon as I saw what was happening.

It was indeed Richard. He was sitting on the couch, eyes starring forward, with tears going down his cheeks.

“Oh my God, Richard?”, I yelled. “Ellie, get here, something happened to Richard”.

Ellie quickly left the bedroom, still completely naked and her face went livid when she saw him.

“Oh my God, is that blood on your pants?”

He gently lift up to look.

I looked, and saw that not only his left leg was drenched in blood, but his shirt too. I almost fainted: had he been shot? On the evening I realized that perhaps I could feel something for him? Was I almost losing him at the moment that my heart was opening?

My mind was racing, what had happened? Why was he back so early?

“Yeah, but it’s not mine”.

And he began sobbing again.

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