Pets Chapter 34 (Ellie): Anati Yoga

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And so, the place sucked. Richard, as always, seemed to fit in but I definitely wasn’t in my element.

Undressing helped me a lot, by letting me present myself on location on my own terms. Ironically, I was complaining recently that my nudity was becoming almost too acceptable, too routine, not enough revolutionary, but now, I felt like a rioter, I felt as if I was breaking many taboos at once.

“Candy”, I asked, silently enough so that it would be private between us, “why don’t you join me? There’s aren’t a lot of people, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to undress.”

“Well, I have an idea. There is something I wanted to do. If you agree to help me with it, I’ll accompany you.”, she replied, starting her reply with excitement and finishing it with fear.

“What is it?”

“I took your salute to the sun, and replaced the 12 postures with Gor positions.”

It’s a good thing I had been bored on a few Mondays and researched the culture of BDSM. I didn’t know what a Gor position was, but at least, I understood where it was from.

“We could take one of the stages near the back…”

Candy stood up and directly went to the stage, so I followed her, putting my hand on Richard’s shoulder as I passed behind him to make sure he saw us leaving.

He turned but didn’t have time to say anything.

Candy and I reached the stage, which was simply a wooden box painted black. My guess is that it also served as a bed base for the swinger’s evenings.

Candy, probably because she was less secure than I was with her nudity, shyly undressed facing the wall, as if the act of undressing itself was bad. Of course, I know from experience that undressing itself is often a lot scarier than the nudity that follows so I can understand her hesitation.

I did undress in the bathroom after all…

Once she turned to face me, I looked at her and realized that I did love her. It’s funny how such emotions can strike you at once, but despite the fact that I never even thought about my sexual orientation, I realized now that I could probably love a man and a woman at the same time.

Now, I don’t think I could love two men or three women: it’s as if there were two spots in my heart, one of Richard and one for Candy.

Speaking of them, Richard was now standing in front of the stage, looking at us, with Diane standing next to him. Candy, on the other hand, walked up the stage (it was just a few inches high so you didn’t have to jump or anything) and took my hand to pull me on it.

“I decided to call this Anati Yoga or Yoga of the submissive. This movement is called Salute to the Master and is my own invention”, Candy explained.

She placed me alongside her.

“The first position is the Bracelets or Chaining position”.

Candy stood straight up in front of Richard, with her hips turned in his direction, her wrists crossed behind her back and her head looking away from him. I quickly imitated her, which made her smile.

Candy then bowed at the waist, letting her hair fall toward the floor, this time toward Richard. I quickly understood and followed suit. She just murmured “Hair” as the name of the position.

In a surprisingly swift move, Candy reached the third position, she called “Ko-Lar” by lowering her knees one at a time to the floor of the stage and at the same time, extending her arms upwards toward Richard, once again crossing her arms in the process. When she stopped moving, she was sitting on her heels, with her head lowered.

I tried to be as gracious as she was, but it was clear she had practice: despite years of yoga, my movement was a little shaky and hesitant but I managed to keep my balance.

She didn’t name the fourth position until we were done, in which we lowered our body so that our hands rested on the stage in front of us, with our knees spread wide and our ankles crossed. “Sula” she explained.

For the fifth position, “Nadu”, we raised our back without moving our legs and once we were once again sitting up, we tilted our chest back to raise our breasts toward Richard. Our hands rested on our thighs.

The sixth position, which is the middle one, we turned our head to the left and extended our wrists behind us, side by side. This was the Lesha position.

I expected the seventh position to be like the fifth, but instead, it was a new position “Bara” in which we laid flat on the floor on our stomach with our heads turned to the left and our wrists crossed behind our back. Our ankles, once again, crossed.

The 8th position was finally almost like the fourth, but with a sexually suggestive up and down thrusting motion.

The final three positions repeated the first three in reverse order with both of us finishing in the Chaining position.

We bowed to Richard who applauded, soon to be joined by Diane who declared: “One day, I want to join you in this salute… but if you don’t mind, I’ll stay dressed as my body parts don’t match my submissive personality.

Richard joined me on stage and kissed me. When he was done, Candy hugged me, I supposed she was thankful for my participation, but our hug finished with a sensual kiss.

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