Pets Chapter 38 (Candy): Panic in the morning

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I woke up, held by Ellie and realized that my heart was racing.

What was I doing? I had licked Richard’s sperm out of my own volition, I had sucked his dick in public. He ejaculated on my breasts.

I quietly left the bed, grabbed some of my clothes, got dressed and went in the kitchen where I sat next to the counter, directly on the floor, with my knees curled up so I could rest my head on it.

It didn’t take long for the tears to start running down my cheeks.

What was Ellie doing to me? I had even told her that I loved her. What was wrong with me? Sure, she was hot, sexy and pushed all my buttons correctly, but she was dating Richard.

Did I really want to be the second wheel?

No, that’s not why I am crying.

Not at all.

I should stop kidding myself.

I now realized that I loved the blowjob. That was the problem. I actually enjoyed having Richard’s sperm into my mouth.

Richard and I have had sex in the past and I always told him I was fine with it because he was my master and it pleased him.

But was that the truth?

It’s clear I didn’t love him like I was starting to love Ellie. But was I less of a lesbian than I thought I was?

Ellie arrived silently in the kitchen, still naked ( Oh my God is she beautiful) and sat next to me.

“Did I push you too hard yesterday Amber?”, she said with her wonderful sexy voice.

“No, that’s not the problem…”, I replied, with a hesitant voice.

“Is it because I didn’t say back that I loved you? Because don’t despair, I think I am getting there…”

“Really?”, I said, with a little hope in my voice.

“I think so…”

“No, that’s not it. But you’ll think I am crazy.”

“No, never… the heart wants what the heart wants.”

“I think…. I am not sure, but I think….”

Ellie put her hand on my shoulder.

“that… perhaps… I don’t mind it so much.”

“What do you not mind that much?”

“Well, stuff with Richard. I don’t understand, I think I used to be 100% gay, but now, I am not sure. I love the blowjob yesterday, more than before you came into our lives”

“Perhaps because it was in public, or because I pushed you, you do like being submissive”, she replied, without any hint of judgment in her tone.

“And licking the sperm from your breasts?”, I whispered so low I wasn’t sure she heard.

“Oh, that. Yeah, that was a little out of character. Did you do it out of submission?”

“No”, replied, hiding my face between my knees.

“But you pushed it in my mouth, so it was something centered on me, no?”

This time, I just nodded a no, no words actually escaped my mouth.

“So you were planning to swallow it?”

“He is not my boyfriend…”, I managed to reply.

“Hum. I think I am beginning to see what you are feeling…”

“You do?”, I said, surprised.

“Well, when I started going out with Richard, I saw you as nothing more than an accessory for our couple. I never thought I could have feelings for a girl, but I am beginning to indeed find some feelings for you. I want to be with you, to touch you. I often think about you. I would have never felt that way directly. It was because you were there when I did things with Richard that I began feeling a connection for you. Perhaps, now, for the first time, you are feeling a connection with Richard through me.”

“You think so?”, I suddenly felt relieved, somewhat.

“Well, I can’t speak for you, but that’s how I am more or less feeling toward you.”

“Yeah, but Richard is YOUR boyfriend…”

“Hey, between you and I, if you don’t mind having sex with me from time to time, I don’t mind you and Richard doing it, provided I am there… I’ll back you either way. I must admit, it was hot teaming up with you on him yesterday…”

“I’ll think about it…”

“Take your time. But if you want to try things, why don’t you tell them to me, and I’ll run them by him, so that way, he won’t know it’s from you…”

I hugged her and realized that I was even more in love with her than I thought possible.

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