Alex Chapter 10: relationships

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I was shaking from that realization and Liza asked me if I was alright. I don’t think I was.

My whole belief system was being shaken and turned upside down. All of my life, I had acted in such a way to avoid being branded a slut by others and now, I was realizing that this is exactly what I was.

I could barely breathe.

She looked at the painting and realized what I had seen.

“Oh, so you made an auto-portrait? That’s awesome! I’ve prayed to that painting at least a dozen times and I can’t believe I have you standing in front of me. You inspired me so much. I am now happy to have communion multiple times per night. I accept it fully in part thanks to your wonderful painting”

I looked at her, puzzled. She seemed so happy with her fate, would I ever be that happy?

“What do you mean by communion? Do you mean sex?”

She blushed.

“Yes, this is our most holy sacrament. When I joined the covenant, I was hesitant but my husband convinced me that this was the best way to touch God and save our failing marriage. I was scared the first day and really worried on my first night, but the next day, I saw your painting there and it touched me. You look so happy in it. You seem like you are in heaven. I must have kneeled hours in front of it until the Goddess told me I was in the right place. On my second night, I felt a little more ready and now, I embrace my divinity every night”

I felt disgusted, but also weirdly excited.

“And what about your husband?”

“Oh, he is still here somewhere. Sometimes he communes with me”

“But you are no longer married?”

“No one here is married. When we join, couples are split. Women are in paradise while men are down on earth, living in sin. He was not allowed to commune with me until my second moon, to ensure we would have no lasting bonds.”

Second moon? I guess two months?

“And you were okay with that?”, I asked, incredulous.

“Well, to be honest, I am not sure we were made for each other. We had differing views on religion, sex, heck, our marriage was only holding together because we didn’t believe in divorce. But now, the other men here are so much better at communing with me, and he seems to prefer the other women. What’s important, is that I feel closer to the Goddess than ever. She speaks to me every night when I give communion.”

“But the multiple partners don’t bother you?”

“It is the will of the Goddess.”

“But what if I don’t hear her. What if I enjoy communion just for the sake of communion?”, I asked, worried.

“Oh, you should talk to Talia. She is like that. No one judges her, she is as divine as you and me anyway. She also came with her husband. They were swingers, took part in orgies, but it was all male-centered, unholy. Unlike with my couple, she is the one who dragged him here. She put her feet down: join with me, or lose me forever”

“And did it work? I mean, are they still kind of together?”

“No, not really. He prefers to have communion with me, but honestly, I think she is happier this way. I think you will like her, from what I heard from your communion last night”

What? She already heard about my communion?

“How did you hear?”

“My husband was the one sodomizing you. We still take a walk every morning at sunrise. He said you were really in the mood. He has something for double penetrations and I am not strong on that. I think he’ll come to lurk at your cabin every night now, waiting for the right moment to have communion”

My head was spinning.

“But even if you don’t like it, don’t the men choose?”

“Well, yeah. We don’t get to pick anything, but they can see which girls prefer what. For example, someone realized I like getting golden showers, so guess what happens almost every night? I get peed on, whether I like it or not that night. I can’t really complain, I am closer to the Goddess and they take good care of us. Talia, they think she likes to swallow sperm, so they all come in her mouth. They get such weird ideas in their heads sometimes! You should see Kendra’s butt, they think she liked being spanked, but in her case, she really does so it’s working out for her”

“But can’t you just tell them? Like, you don’t really seem to enjoy getting peed on from what you are saying”

She expressed a huge shock.

“No! We can’t! Those are the rules. We cannot, in any way, influence their carnal sins. We must leave them absolutely free to choose. This is crucial Alex. Do not under any circumstances talk about communion with you with any of the men, neither during the day, in the evening, before, during or after it. This is very serious. Some men will just tell you to keep quiet but some can become violent and they are allowed to. Let their sins run their course: they are only allowed one woman per night so if they choose you, you have to oblige”

“Wait, only one woman per night? I had four last night!”

“Yes, and I had only five thanks to you.”

“How many of us are there?”

“We are 23 women, now that you joined us, and we have 135 men.”

I made a quick calculation, that was almost 6 men per women!

“But I am guessing it’s not evenly distributed?”

“Not at all. Talia sometimes has 12 or more.”

Oh my God. Or should I think, Oh my Goddess?

“So all 5 of your partners peed on you?”

“Oh, no, only 4. The other had an empty bladder”

“And you don’t mind?”

“Well, I don’t have a say in it. If that is my role on Earth, that is my role. Glory to the Goddess!”

I was stunned. What would be my role? Would I be double penetration girl?

Which role did I want?

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