Sue Chapter 28: Sunday Evening

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The after supper a bit anti-climatic: both girls felt like they had to get ready for work the next day and since we had had wonderful sex prior to supper, neither of them were particularly in the mood.

We first did the dishes, all three of us together, which was in itself quite fun and filled with teasing, but it was rather tame compared to our afternoon.

We had continued talking about work, about what it is I do, what it is they do but at this point it was mostly idle chatter and talking for the sake of having a conversation.

Do not under any circumstances diminish the importance for women for these moments! For them, it is often crucial as it shows how you are when not trying to woe them or lead them anywhere.

These idle talks seem non-threatening but if mishandled, they can sink a relationship.

What many men are afraid of, is a dead bedroom: a relationship where sex has withered away and has become but a chore like mowing the lawn.

What many women fear, on their side, is the death of communication where talking is purely utilitarian and almost no words are exchanged between the partners.

How can I tell a new story to a women I’ve been dating for 30 years and who heard every tiny detail of my life 4 times already?

This is why women often place a lot of importance on idle chatter: the ability to talk with your partner without necessarily saying much, and yet, you get to feel that connection.

The important thing then, in my opinion, isn’t so much what you say, as the emotions you convey. You can be just a fountain of words, or you can also shower her with a fresh emotional perspective.

Once the trickle of words faded, the girls agreed it was time to go and sadly had to dress back up.

Annie admitted that this was a sad moment for her and even if Sue agreed with her, I felt like it wasn’t as heartfelt as Annie.

“You know, it doesn’t need to end like that tonight”, I said.

“What do you mean?”, asked Annie.

“Well, the way I see it, you have to get dressed to get home, right? So, to prolong the nudity, you have two choices. Either you stay longer, perhaps the night, or you undress once home. I do not need to be there in person…”

Annie began to say something, but Sue cut her off.

“Well, our stuff is at home, so we can’t stay tonight, but perhaps another day?”

Annie added, “Yes, but I think I’ll take your suggestion and be nude at home from now on.”

Sue stayed silent and I wondered how she felt about it.

Annie kissed me, and told me she would be back after work the next day to practice on my bass guitar, and then, left my apartment to give me some alone time with Sue.

She kissed me, but I could feel something was bothering her.

“You know, I think that nudity it more on Annie’s plate than yours. You don’t have to be nude at home, you know”

“Well, it’s not that. Call me silly… but I really enjoy spending time nude in your company, but with just Annie it’s not the same, you know? Except that now that you suggested it, I am torn between my hesitations and my desire to please you”

I see!

“Perhaps let’s keep that for Annie only for now and we’ll revisit in a few days? Sue, when home, you are allowed to wear clothes. Does that help you?”

She smiled.

“I think I am starting to be trouble if I need your permission to be dressed in my own apartment”

“I think we passed the point of you being in a trouble a little while ago, don’t you agree?”

She laughed.

“Perhaps you are right!”

She kissed me again and went on her way.

I waited a few minutes in case they came back and cleaned the rest of my apartment: at least Annie would be back the next day and I wanted it to be spotless.

I then did a review of my pantry and fridge and saw that they both needed refills!

I raced the grocery store and, first of all, restocked everything that had been eaten, but I also added lasagna ingredients and everything for my famous re-imagined hot dogs.

I checked my watch: time was short…

I raced back home and put my chicken breasts in the oven. I didn’t need much preparation as I loved chicken breasts as is!

I prepared my lunchbox for the next day, minus the still cooking chicken, and then attacked my lasagna.

I normally don’t do both: it’s either chicken or lasagna, but Sue had commented on my dish so I decided to prepare another one. They next meal with me would be hot dogs, but the one after would be my lasagna.

It takes me a while to prepare it, which suited me fine tonight: my chicken was still cooking.

By the time the breasts were cooling on the counter, I had put my lasagna in the oven and drawn myself a bath.

I might not multi-task at work, but at home, I optimized everything I could!

While my dish was cooking, I didn’t have much time in the bath but I did the best I could with what I had. Very hot water, soaking in it so my muscles could relax, and cleaning everything up with a Dove soap bar.

Hey, it’s 1/4 moisturizer!

Out of the bath, I was too tired to dress back up. Why would only the girls enjoy some time? I could rock out with my cock out if I wanted to, right?

One of my chicken breasts was cut up and put in my lunch box, well, not quite one, rather about 80% of one or just enough to fill my air tight container. The rest went in the fridge with the still hot lasagna. I just made sure it wasn’t near anything like milk or the hot dog sausages.

I made sure my alarm clock was made, picked my clothes for the next day, and collapsed on the bed.

Having a sex positive girlfriend can be exhausting, having two? Well, at least you get to sleep well when you’re alone, if only because of the exhaustion.

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