Karen Chapter 15: Plans for the weekend

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Karen eventually got dressed and we left the motel before our four hours we up.

She was “starting to get tired” while I had my frustration and hornyness going thru the roof!

My wife seemed unphased by the fact she had just fucked another guy, twice! Right in front of me, while I couldn’t even have an erection in now over three days.

As I drove the car back home and she was slowly drifting away, she suddenly awoke with a sudden thought: “Hey, we need to stop to Walmart!”

“Why?” simply asked.

“Haven’t you learned to stop asking questions?”, she replied, in a rather intidimating tone.

“Sorry Mistress”, I replied, knowing what she was expecting.

It was rather getting ridiculous. How could a women change that much in such a short time? She claimed she was always like that but it’s now like she gave any hints of her inclinaisons over the years!

The Wallmart parking was mostly empty: it was already late at night.

We went directly to the men’s section where Karen, while telling me to keep quiet, picked two full length pyjamas for my size and two packs of underwear: white fruit of the loom briefs and black tight trunks.

I had a puzzling look, so she explained.

“But putting the briefs first, and the trunk on top of them, it will hold the cage better when we sleep and it should help keep it in place better during the day”

“I see… so it’s for comfort?”

“Yes, it is! I am glad you see it that way”

“But why the pajamas?”

“Do you think it’s fair for you to get to touch my naked skin when we were sleeping? Shouldn’t I be the one deciding when you get to? Plus, you sweat a little when we sleep in the nude. In the past, it didn’t bother me, but now, you are wearing a pajama and that’s final”.

I was afraid I’d be too hot sleeping, but I kind of was already getting the gist of how she would answer and I kept my mouth shut.

Karen also got a box of q-tips: in case we need to wash under the metal tube.

We also bought some toilet paper, but that’s just because we’re out of it.

The drive back home was rather quiet. Karen was snoozing off and I wonder if she actually slept.

At home, she undressed completely and stumbled to bed, while I had to put our her new purchases. I looked at myself in the mirror.

The cage didn’t show under the two layers of underwear and the pajamas, but it felt weird wearing that much to go to sleep.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a winter one: the fabric was light and it wasn’t too warm.

I put the toilet paper under the sink, and the q-tip in the pharmacy and joined Karen in bed, who was already sleeping when I entered the room.

We both had a pretty big evening and while I wasn’t 100% sure I really enjoyed it, I must admit it broke the routine.

I spooned her and surprisingly slept well that night.

I was awoken by a small noise and saw that the sun had risen. I was on my side of the bed and turned around. Karen was, how can I say… Busy?

She was masturbating on her side of the bed.

“Hey, don’t cheat. Stay on your side”, she said, out of breath.

She then turned on her side so I could only see her back, as she gently vibrated and I could her breathing getting deeper.

“Oh yeah, that’s it”, she was saying before taking a deep breath in. Her breathing then kind of stopped, her whole body jerked and tensed up, and a few seconds later, relaxed completely, as she let out a long expiration.

She turned toward me.

“Oh yeah, there is nothing like wanking in the morning, don’t you agree? It lights up your day!”

She left the bed, opened her bedside table’s drawer and put the key for my tube back on her chain.

“Don’t you agree, little chasty?”

“Yes Mistress”, I said, dejected.

She leaned in to kiss me. “Ooh, poor little chasty who gets to have a sexy naked wife and can’t use his little inadequate toy.

She left the bedroom laughing, going to the toilet.

I guess I should learn to get used to all of her teasing.

I decided to get dressed: she did say that this is what she wanted, and as soon as she let for the kitchen, I relieve my bladder.

I didn’t have much choice: I had to sit down to pee, at least for now. I would try to use urinals first, but for now, it was just too hard to aim with the tube: the tube itself was easy enough to aim, but it was hard to judge if my penis inside of the tube was twisted sideways and would splash the wall.

With a urinal, I figured I could lean forward and ensure it would go in the proper location.

I made it downstairs, where Karen was drinking a cup of tea, still naked.

“Slept well?”, she asked.

“I did. I guess you were right, my body is getting used to it.”

“Good. And how are you holding up? Not too disappointed by yesterday? I hope you are not too angry at me?”

What worried me was the lack of concern in her tone of voice, she didn’t seem scared of my answers, as if she already what I was about to say.

“No, not angry. Frustrated, horny, but not angry or even disappointed. It’s certainly new, and if I dare to say, exciting, at least for now”

She stood up and hugged me.

“Oh, I am so happy to hear you say that. Would you rather we take it easy and slow, or should we keep exploring? I mean, it’s really up to you. I can tone it down, or keep it up.”

“Let me think”, I said, and she returned to her cup of tea as I began making breakfast.

On one hand, keeping it up would mean more sexual escapades and more frustration, but at least, I would get to know what I am getting into before long.  On the other hand, keeping it slow might give me more time to adjust to her exploration.

It wasn’t a cut and dry dilemma: the longer I would wear this, I presume, the more frustration I would feel, but the less time I would have to adjust.

The weekend was young, however.

“I am willing to try full speed ahead over the weekend, if you want, but let me revise that Sunday evening.”

She jumped up and hugged me, visibly excited. With her right hand, she grabbed the cage and began speaking to it. “Don’t worry little dicky, I have a sex-filled weekend planned ahead. Well, not for you, but well, you’ll see!”

“So I take it we will do something special tonight?”, I said, with some worry in my tone.

“Oh, yeah, we are going to a swingers club. We already have a reservation and I have a feeling we’ll get a lot of action from what the owners told me”.

“So we would have gone regardless of my answer?”

“Oh, of course not silly. I would have respected your choice. If you wanted it to take it slow, we would have taken it slow.”

“Oh, so we would have stayed home?”

She laughed. “No, YOU would have stayed home. I want to get LAID tonight!”, she once again grabbed the cage. “Just not by that pathetic little thing.”

I was stunned. What was my wife turning into?

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