Sue Chapter 22: Dinner with Annie

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I had prepared lunch, as planned while having a casual conversation with Sue, my helper, and Annie who was now sitting at my table.

We mostly talked about our day to day lives at work, not the revealing tell-all stuff of a deep conversation or the exploratory talks of a first date but the casual mundane stuff like what we eat for lunch, where, with whom.

The kind of things that you can’t really talk at work because it’s obvious to everyone there but you can’t really talk about with friends because well, you have more interesting subjects to talk about.

Personally, I try to encourage that kind of discussion after a second date for the simple reason that it allows to better showcase my active listening techniques.

Most people who have that kind of talks focus more on what they want to share: they don’t actually care about what the others are saying as much as trying to one-up them.

“I have a shitty colleague”, would turn into “I have an even shittier colleague”.

And now, you understand why friends usually don’t talk that much about that. Well, not guys at least: apparently, women will talk about everything under the sun but I don’t know enough to know if it’s a stereotype or if it’s true.

All I remember when I think about that is George Carlin’s joke which goes something like “Men, don’t try to understand women, women understand women and they hate each other”.

But then again, he also said “Women are crazy. Men are stupid. Women are crazy BECAUSE Men are stupid”, so maybe I should get any wisdom from dark humor comedians.

It was soon time to eat. Pasta doesn’t take that long to eat, especially when the sauce was premade.

Sue had made a joke about me cheating with premade sauce, but I simply commented that I’d rather cut corners with sauce than in my love life.

Both Annie and Sue loved my reply. Not bad from a boring accountant, no?

I sat across Annie, in a way that I could see Sue in the living room behind her, but from Annie’s vantage point, we are alone in my apartment.

After the initial pleasantries around the beginning of the meal, we began eating.

Annie sent a few good compliments to the cooks and I took them gallantly. I believe it’s important not to show false modesty with a girl because, well, that is lying.

Honesty is probably the number one quality a man can have and now that I was well, seeing two girls, I had to be fully transparent.

During the meal, the conversation was light: Annie ate with appetite and Sue visibly did so too, but with more curiosity, than I anticipated: every fork lifted caused her to look at us, every sip of water taken made her concentrate on the action.

Far from worry, she rather looked a little like a dog while his masters are eating at the table: she seemed interested, nay, excited at the performance in front of her.

I admit that I cheated: I kept eye contact with both girls and often, during the superficial chatter with Annie, I would alternate between looking at each of them.

Annie however, was either fixated on her plate or on me. Not once did I see her turn her head toward her friend and not once did Sue cause any sudden sound that would automatically cause us to look at her.

You could say it was a perfect date on that front: Sue really seemed to restrain her presence in the apartment to her role of a waitress.

I slowed down near the end of my plate to not make Annie feel bad for taking longer than I do, but she also slowed down.

I ended up cleaning my last bite when she still had a good 30% to go!

I try not to cause an imbalance but I must have been concentrating too much on what was going on around me and not enough on my plate.

“Oh boy, I think I ate too much!”, Annie finally said, allowing me to relax.

I hadn’t lost touch: she was possibly just slowing down to give me time to finish.

I had been sitting on a question since, well, since earlier that morning and my plan for the two dates was specifically to bring it out.

My goal, of course, had been to gently slip it into the conversation but I am not always as much of an expert as my intentions would want me to be so I just blurted it out.

“You told me you didn’t guys unless they were Sue’s boyfriend. I am rather curious as to why”

Sue was taken by surprised and leaned back on her chair, a sign I was provoking her. Soon enough, she even crossed her arms on her chest, hiding her breasts.

Sue, on the other hand, leaned forward, smiling wide. So, I wasn’t just asking the question for myself, this is something that kind of bothered Sue too!

I stayed silent, even as Annie blurted contradictory answers: “I’ve had boyfriends… well, men are so needy… Sue has better tastes than I do…”

She was circling, but as I stayed silent (and leaned forward, not automatically but to consciously show my interest), I began to realize a pattern.

On one hand, she would criticize her ability to choose, all while praising Sue for her choices. On the other, she would complain about men in general, about stupid details like not being strong enough for her or confident enough, etc…”

I began to form a theory as to why Annie was like that, what I needed was to find the right words to express it.

Let’s start with some exposition first…

“Remember when I talked about the wolves? I kind of skimmed over the beta male and female, but let’s talk about them now.”

“O…k?”, she said, with major confusion in her facial expression.

“So, society talks about beta males as those who are inferior or something, but in our flawed wolves model, they are definitely not! They are the replacement Alphas. They are the second power couple. They are, in a way, the lieutenants to the captain couple. When the alphas are busy, it’s them who rule the rest of the pack. In reality, we now know that the Betas are simply the strongest kids, those who watch over their weaker brothers and sisters but the idea stays the same. The Betas are indeed deferring to the Alphas, but unlike what society is implying, they are not weak and in fact, they are stronger than the rest of the pack”.

“I don’t get what you are saying, like, at all.”, she said, with a rather cold tone.

Sue stood up. “Can I try?”, she said, excited. “I think I get it, tell me if I am wrong…”.

I nodded.

“So Annie, you are strong, you do want a strong man, but you don’t feel, wrongly I must say, that you can get that Alpha male by yourself so you kind of align yourself with me to benefit from my own hunt for one. You aren’t weak and you could certainly lead the pack, but you decided to let me be the alpha female because it suits you, for a reason or another.”

I was impressed! Sue was clearly the brilliant one and visibly deserving to be my first girlfriend and not just because of her stunning body…

“So”, Annie said, hesitantly, “you guys are saying that I could be an Alpha female, I could decide to get my own man, but I decided to defer to Sue because I feel she makes better choices than I do?”

“More or less. The actual reason might be different, but that would be more or less the gist of it.”

Sue took a few steps forward.

Annie completed with “I think you might be right. I think you might have it!”

Sue turned to me. “So what does this mean for the three of us then?”

I smiled.

“Well, I think it means we can actually have a stable relationship. It might mean that Annie can actually accept her role as well, a secondary girlfriend, deferring to you as the primary. It means that because you two are not competing for the alpha female role, there might not be drama between you like in many similar situations.”

Sue added, “And since this fills my own fantasies, it means you aren’t going anywhere, mister!”

We laughed. It seems I had sealed the deal.

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