Buffer planned until the 21st of June?

And so, the mini-arc technique appears to be working out right: I managed to write 3 chapters of Pets in almost record time!

This filled in all of the Thursdays until the 20th of June, leaving June 21st as being the next open day. I will hopefully write later today a new Sue chapter (update the next morning: I tried, it sucked, I will try it again soon) to fill that hole and once filled, that will only leave the last full week of June open!

The Pets story is quickly coming to it’s planned conclusion: in the original outline, the last evening spent with these characters is the night of the current day. You will get to see the original ending I had planned but I do hope to now continue the story.

When it was written to be a novel, it needed an ending but as a serial, I can just keep going: unlike Susanna on my old site, the ending is more about a character arc than a story arc.

Am I happy with the progress? Not at all. With an actual novel, I would have planned each chapter in more details and provided a clearer character arc, but I am not disappointed either. I think Pets is still rather interesting with more interpersonal conflict than most of my other stories: My stories tend to focus on “stuff happens including sex” and on conflict and that is bad.

I guess I like it when characters get along, but the stories suffer in quality. Oh well, at least you can read them for free, right?

BTW, I don’t know if I ever blogged about this, but at some point, the plan for Harmony was for her to discover that she is a descendant from Ellie and that Ellie had left instructions to build a CMNF colony. This was when I was trying to setup cross overs between all of my stories and this little nugget made me realize I was going too far and I gave it up.

Harmony is still in the Lamburger universe which on this site also includes Sue, Karen, Alex and the main story, Pets, in short, half of the stories.

This was when I was trying to split my stories into 3 Universes: The Lamburger universe which had 12 of my stories, the Slaveteen Universe which includes only Susanna and Olivia in a universe where every teen from age 18 to 20 are slaves (mainly domestic or labor but the 2 main characters of the stories are sexual slaves), and finally, the DanKun universe which contained 4 stories in which there are mental powers, time travel, and/or magic.

Olivia was literally introduced in Susanna, so she was kind of a spin-off, and DanKun stories were different in style, so I had decided to just crossover the 12 stories in the Lamburger universe, including having Michael, one of Lindsey’s friends appear in Suzy and Jill, and Jill’s father saving Sylvana, and Suzy’s daughter being Lizzie and so on.

In the end, it was ridiculous and it took this new site for me to kind of make the 4 stories I ported from the Lamburger universe stand on their own.