Karen Chapter 18: Separate Beds

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Very frustrated, I left the room and took one last look at my sexy naked wife on the bed. She was already using her fingers to stimulate herself but she wasn’t looking at me.

I took a new mental image of her in my mind. I had always seen her as one of the sexiest women I had ever known and her sex drive has cemented her as someone who wasn’t just looking hot but also acted hot.

For the first few days of my chastity, I wondered seriously about her intentions but seeing her freed like this, having sex with strangers and enjoying herself more than I had ever seen her, it, I was ashamed to admit it, made me love her even more.

So what if I couldn’t get an orgasm or even an erection. It’s with me she was living these experiences. It was me she invited to the club. It was me she would go home to at the end of the event.

Walking toward the bar, I wondered how far she would take it. She had threatened a few times to have sex with other people behind my back. Was I okay with that? What if instead of going home with me at the end of the day, she spent the night with a lover or two and only came back the next day?

Just a week ago, the thought of my wife having sex with someone else but me would have made me angry but now, I wasn’t as sure.

The threesome was certainly one of the highlights of our sex life, I couldn’t deny it, and the night was young!

At the bar were two couples. Once in the forties and another a little younger than we were, possibly being 20 or 21.

The boyfriend, as I assumed they weren’t married yet, was about my size and wore a simple pair of pants with a buttoned shirt which fitted loosely on his body. Somehow, I assumed it was his father’s shirt that he borrowed to fulfill a dress code.

The girl was stunning, however: dark hair almost to her tiny ass, piercings on her left eyebrow and a dark complexion which felt exotic, perhaps Indian or Pakistanese… certainly not European.

She was small, perhaps 5 foot 3, and wore a tied white blouse which revealed a piercing on her navel. She wore a pair of pencil tight black leggings but wore ordinary looking running shoes.

Both turned to see me arrive and seemed appreciative to see me.

The older couple looked at me with a sort of deception in their eye: I felt like they saw themselves as being from another generation and were expecting more people in their age range. The man wasn’t as overweight as Pete, but it wasn’t as thin as the younger guys, myself included, were. His wife, however, was more fit even if years had taken their toll.

I nodded to the young couple to saluted back. I approached them.

“Hi”, said the boy. “I am Wilson. This is Rani, my girlfriend. Are you alone?”

“No, my wife just had a threesome with another couple and she is still in the bedroom.”

“Cool”, said Rani. “So are you guys done for the night?”

“Oh no, my wife actually sent me to scout ahead…”, I replied, wondering how much I should negotiate this.

“Ah”, said Wilson. “This is our first time opening up…”

“We only recently began too!”

“So, any tips?”, Rani asked.

Oh boy, was I in a position to offer tips?

“Well, be direct about what you want, and plunge in. It’s all about having fun!”

“We were just hoping for some swapping… Are you guys into that?”, asked Wilson, worried.

“Well, why don’t we take this conversation in the bedroom if you want,” I suggested. “Just be warned, she hasn’t dressed back up yet”.

I left for the bedroom and saw that the young couple was talking. I gave them space and rejoined Karen.

When I arrived, she was snoozing on the bed, not quite sleeping but not really moving either.

“Any luck?”, she asked me, with a serious tone. The same she uses to scold me.

“I think so. Wilson and Rani, a young couple. They want to swap, so I don’t think she is bisexual. They both look good, she is Indian or Pakistani. I think they are talking it through, as it is their first time”

Karen sat on the bed. “You did well! Listen, to propose a fair deal, you could eat her out! Perhaps we can explain that you don’t sleep with others or would you rather I tell the truth?”

I hesitated. Was I ready to be outed like this? “No, if it’s the same to you, I’d rather keep it between us.”

“Even if yesterday, it seemed to excite you?”

“Well, the night is young”, I replied to her…

“That, it is!”. She motioned me to sit next to her, and we waited. It didn’t take long for the young couple to hesitantly enter the room.

After presentations and the initial awkwardness of Rani when it comes to Karen’s nudity, we managed to get into the tick of it.

“Well, we thought that perhaps, you”, pointing at me, “could take care of Rani while I take care of Karen? If that’s ok with you?”

Karen replied. “That’s fine, and you can do almost anything you want to me, but my husband keeps his dick for me, so do you think it would be fair if he used his expert tongue and fingers on Rani?”

For an odd reason, she seemed relieved! Both of them smiled with each other.

“What’s wrong I asked?”

Wilson took the stand. “Oh, well, we are both relatively inexperienced and Rani wasn’t quite ready for an actual swap, but wanted me to gain experience so she agreed to do it for me. This is actually better than we hoped, right?”

“Oh yes”, said Rani. “That’s why it took so long to come, I wasn’t sure I was really up for it.”

Karen leaned forward and touched her arm. In a reflex, she pulled it away, but realized what she had done and shyly brought it forward.

“Listen, why don’t you go on that other bed with my wonderful husband. He will be very gentle with you, while I show everything I know to your boyfriend so he can pleasure you better when you two are alone”.

Rani took a deep breath and nodded. Wilson sat on the bed next to Karen, but Rani seemed frozen in place.

I went close to her and whispered to her: “I will gently pull your hand toward the bed. Follow me, we’ll go at your own pace. Don’t worry, we have all night if you want.”

She muttered a small thank you lent me her hand.

Delicately, I pulled her toward the bed and helped her sit on it. She was looking at Karen and Wilson kissing on the bed, and Wilson already had one hand on one of my wife’s breasts and the other at the bottom of her back.

I gently turned Rani’s head toward me. “Ignore them, let’s just focus on you. How do you want to start.”

“Usually, Wilson helps me undress”, she said, with a shaky voice.

“No, not usually. Tonight isn’t usual. I want to know how you want to start.”

“Kissing”, she said, with red cheeks.

I leaned forward but didn’t press my lips on her’s. Instead, I stopped just in front of them. I placed my left hand on her shoulder and secured myself with the other.

She backed away a little, muttered a “stupid, stupid, stupid” self-critic and harshly pressed her lips on mine.

Her lips were shaking at first but soon became more sensual.

We exchanged saliva for several minutes and soon enough, she grabbed my left hand and put it on her pant’s button as she kicked off her shoes.

I connected the dots: Wilson usually undressed her… so I pulled as softly as I could and untied it, followed by undoing the zipper.

Rani moved to lay on the bed and lifted her ass from the cover. I pulled down the pants and accidentally, grabbed the panties at the same time, revealing a freshly shaven pussy with little red shaving bumps: she had done this freshly for tonight.

I apologized, but she just said to keep going.

I put the pants and panty on the bed, in the corner near the wall, and removed her socks. She was now bottomless and was only wearing her tied blouse and bra (she did wear a bra…)

“Your wife talked about your tongue?”

I nodded and placed myself, but not before looking at the other bed: Karen was sucking Wilson’s dick which didn’t have a condom on yet, but he was nude and holding a condom wrapper in his hand.

I planted my mouth and began licking Rani’s dark lips. At first, she was rather dry but with enough saliva and stimulation, she soon lubricated herself. This is when I might have been able to penetrate her but instead, I was feeling pain from the attempt at an erection from the excitement.

Rani wasn’t really in the mood: I could feel that the ramp-up of her own excitement was rather slow. I paused twice to rest my tongue and instead used my fingers. The first time, Wilson was on top of Karen in the classic missionary position but the second time, Karen and I locked eyes as she was riding him on top. She even gave me a thumb up!

I noticed that the older couple was at the door, looking in, whispering to each other.

I continued with Rani: it might indeed be a long night!

I hesitated a hand toward her breasts but she pushed it away. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence she kept her top…

I heard Wilson orgasm while I was down on his wife.

I let my tongue rest for a few seconds soon after and saw that Wilson was getting dressed. Karen wasn’t resting and instead, I saw her invite the older couple to get closer.

I returned to my partner: Karen had been clear about working my magic, but before I stopped again, Wilson was sitting by his wife and they were actually whispering to each other.

I stopped and sat on the bed: visibly nothing would occur, and I excused myself for joining their conversation and tried to put my two cents in just as Karen was in deep conversation with the older couple.

I asked what was wrong, and Rani began crying. “I am terribly sorry, I just can’t relax enough to come. it’s not the same. I am so sorry…”. She was visibly talking to Wilson, who kept telling her that it wasn’t that important for him.

“Hold on, this is not incompatible per se… Rani, did it bother you that Wilson was having sex with Karen?”, I asked.

“Not really. It was a little exciting.”

“And you, Wilson, did you like having sex with Karen?”

“Sure, it was different. I still prefer Rani… but it was nice too”.

“And did it bother you that I was going down on you, Rani?”

“No, it wasn’t like with Wilson however”

“See, there is no problem!”, I said, in a reassuring tone.

“You could find partners for Wilson and either do nothing or just do what you can with the boyfriend of his partner so that you can find people. Wilson is happy, and you get to enjoy pleasing him. It’s win/win, even if in the end, it’s only him who has an orgasm”

Oh my God, was I trying to convert others?

“Plus”, I added. “That way you get confirmation that Wilson is really the one for you!”

She hugged me, and then Wilson.

“Thanks for trying anyway”

I nodded and looked at my wife who was undressing the older women while frequently kissing each other.

Oh boy, I thought, here we go again!

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