Sue Chapter 23: Bass Lessons

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After the meal, the three of us returned to my living room, where I sat on my couch, flanked by the two sexy nude women I was now sharing my life with.

The date with Annie was officially over and Sue was back to being my girlfriend instead of just the waiter.

The conversation was light but the emotions were strong: the two girls were trying to understand their old relationships in terms of alpha, beta and others when suddenly, a tought popped into my mind.

“I think I do have better terms than Alpha and Beta!”

“Oooh”, said Sue. “What are they?”

“Well, it’s a little different. See, some men just well, do what their girl wants them to do. I’ll call them followers.”

Annie added: “I’d call them losers”. Both girls laughed.

“Oh, but some women like that!”, I objected.

Sue nodded. Annie complained at how boring it must be.

“Other men just take advantage of women without committing. A lot like Gus. I’ll call them users. They use the women. They look like bad boys because they don’t give back, but they aren’t really good for the girls.”

“I like that term.”, replied Sue.

“Then, some men try to the control their girls. They boss them around. I’ll call them managers”

Annie seemed excited. “So these are your Alpha males, right?”

“Well, yes and no. This is why I didn’t like the term Alpha. Alpha just implies he bosses the girls, right? But not how he does it. The manager Is the guy who controls his girl for the sake of controlling her. He tells her what to do, because he likes to tell her what to do, and the girls like that because he seems in charge.”

“But he’s not?”, asked Sue, puzzled.

“Well, yes, he is, but there is another type of guy. This guy doesn’t boss so much as inspire the girls to follow him. He is a leader. He leads. He doesn’t say to the girl, I don’t want you to look at other guys, he makes her so enthralled with him that she won’t. He takes her in new directions so that she doesn’t want to make him a follower: she wants to follow him.”

Sue kissed me, but Annie seemed shocked.

“This makes a lot of sense”, she finally said.

“Do you have examples for us?”, Sue asked me.

I began thinking. I had a ton, but I didn’t want to reveal all of my secrets yet…

I guess I could use one.

“Remember when I played by saxophone?”, I said.

Annie closed her eyes and said “It was so sexy”. Sue agreed.

“Now, imagine if instead of playing for a minute or so, I played for 30 minutes, trying to keep the focus on me. And imagine that instead of learning I played Saxophone 2 minutes earlier, I had constantly brought it up at our first date, our second date, all along the supper and then, when you are tired of hearing me play my saxophone, I make it the center of attention. That would be being a manager. I would have steered your interest, forced it down your throat and created a sort of artificial anticipation”

“Oh, but instead, we were suddenly surprised to see you play, but then, you went on something else. You created a sense of wonder, of mystery around you!”, said Sue.

“Yes, exactly!”

“Is that why your book case keeps moving around the apartment?”, she said.

“Well, yes! I don’t force you to see it, but I set up the mood so you will. I create the conditions for you to want to follow me.”

Annie was worried. “But is it all fake?”

I laughed. “No, these are my real books, and I really do play the saxophone, since I was in high school. The difference isn’t what I do, it’s how I present it. Like Gus, he doesn’t show at all his hand. The managers lay it on the table and tries to woo the girls with his impressive cards. The leader, like I try to be, gently shows cards an asks if the girls want to follow him.”

Sue laughed. “You really are smooth, you know? Even though you already have both of us, you keep smooth takling your way into our hearts.”

I laughed. “That’s the thing. I do not try to have you. I am not trying to capture you, I am trying to seduce you. I am trying to make it not so that you feel obligaed to follow me. Rather, I want you girls to want to spend time with me.”

Both nodded.

Annie asked me, out of the blue. “Can you teach me the saxophone?”

“Have you played any other instrument before?”

“Well, the recorder in elementary school, but I forgot everything.”, she said.

“I might have something easier. The saxophone is rather complex.”

I stood up and went to my bedroom. I returned with three things in my hand.

Sue was suprised. “You play the guitar too?”

“No, well, yes, but this isn’t a guitar. It’s a bass. It’s a little like a guitar, except it’s nothing like it.”

Annie laughed. “You a little like Gus, except nothing like him.”

After the laughter, I plugged my bass into my amp using the cable I had brought, and after giving the bass to Annie, I bought a kitchen chair to sit by her.

I helped her pass it around her neck and admitted to myself that a nude women with a musical instrument is one of the sexiest things around.

“So, on a bass, you only strum one string at a time. I’ll show you a basic melody. See the lines on the neck? These are frets. You want to press with your finger the 7th fret of the A chord. It’s the second from the top…”

“Like this?”

Annie asked, uncomfortable.

“Yes. So strum that chord.”. It make the note.

“My first note!”, she said, excited.

“Ok, now do it again, and then, the tenth one. It’s this one.”

She excuted and kind of got it. The 10th one had vibrations in it, but it wasn’t that bad.

“Ok, now, the 7th again, but you’ll then do the 5th, 3rd and 2nd using your other fingers.”

She tried, and was rather clumsy, but Sue laughed and made Annie laugh.

“Just repeat the repeat the sequence. 7, pause, 7, 10, 7, 5, 3, pause, 2, and then, repeat again.”

She stumbled a few times, but slowly was getting it.

Suddenly, she stopped.

Sue went “What’s wrong?”.

“That’s Seven Nation Army!”

I clapped. “It is!”

“I am playing Seven Nation Army! Wow”.

She lowered her hand and kept practicing.

Sue and I looked eyes and she mouthed a big Thank you to me with a wide smile.

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