Karen Chapter 16: Arrival

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Karen and I had some cleaning to do, like most Saturdays, but I ended up doing all of the cleaning, while she drank some wine and made sure I did a good job.

She did go into our bedroom while I was cleaning the bathtub “To spend some time alone”, but at this point, I was no longer sure if she did masturbate or if she just presented me with more teasing.

In he middle of the afternoon, she began trying her dresses and wanted me to confirm which one was the sexiest.

She ended up picking a short skin tight dress, in big part because it was tight enough to not require wearing a bra.

“That way, I shouldn’t have any marks on my nude body tonight”, she said, pressing herself on me. She had already removed the dress at that point and feeling her close to me was almost liek torture.

She spent the rest of the afternoon, still nude, putting on makeup and taking care of her hair. She also freshly shaved everything under her neck.

She was absolutly breath taking.

We left the house at 6, and went ot eat in a fancy French restaurant where, I discovered, she had already made a reservation for.

The meal itself was nice, but all that Karen was talking about was how she hoped for a foursome with another couple, and couldn’t wait to lend my tongue to another girl and perhaps have some action with the girl herself.

I mostly stayed silent, but I answered a few direct answers like “Would you like that, perform oral sex on another woman?”, and teases like that.

I still didn’t know exactly what made her tick internally, but I was starting to get the feeling that part of her motivation was more to increase my own frustration rather than experimenting these sexual fantasies herself.

It’s the honest talk at the motel that was helping me to piece things together.

If that was it, honestly, I didn’t mind it. I might even learn to enjoy it.

I paid for the meal and she inquired if we could leave the car in the parking lot while we go to a bar. The waiter gave us a coupon to put on the dashboard of our car.

Once done, she told me that the club was a short walking distance away and didn’t have enough parking. She had picked the restaurant specifically because of their parking policy.

I congratulated her in her planning, but my stomach was in a knot. I know she talked more about the club, but most of it was details about how long it has been operating and irrelevant.

But then, I realized something: she was rampling and walking slower than on the walk from the car to the restaurant. Was she nervous too?

I mean, seeing a guy in a motel room was one thing, but was this too much for her?

“Are you okay?”, I asked her. She had a puzzling look. I think she knew I could tell she was nervous, but was trying to show a brave look. “Yes, of course, it’s you I am nervous about”, but that clearly wasn’t it.

So, I took her hand. It was useless to tell her we could turn around: she would go throug it whatever happens. She wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t.

The building was a simple two story building, with closed locksmith on the ground floor and a small unmarked metal door with three cameras and an intercom.

Karen pressed the intercom button. “Yes?”, was the simple answer.

She began talking, but the voice replied “You need to press the button to talk”.

She pressed again, “Sorry, I have a reservation for two. Karen.”

“Last four digits of our phone number?”, replied the voice.

“Oh right”, she told me. “Was it 4889?”, she said in the intercom.

We heard a buzz from the door. I opened it and it revealed a lowly lit staircase going to the second floor, with yet another camera at the top of the staircase.

I led the way, and we reached yet another metal door at the top of the stairs. It began buzzing when we reached it, but it opened toward the stairs, making it a little uncomfortable. I thought that inside doors were supposed to open inward?

A muscular short man welcomed us. “I am Pete. Welcome to Mona’s. My wife is doign the last preparations: you are the first to arrive”

“Oh, I thought you opened at 8h00.”

“We do, but on Saturdays, people arrive around 9, 9h30.”

“Oh”, she said, disappointed.

Pete looked at me and told me it was $60. I paid him with 3 twenty dollar bills and he welcomed us in.

The building from the outside had looked squalid, but inside it was tastefully decorated.

Right by the front office where Pete had his security monitors was the bar and dance floor, complete not with one, but two stripper poles.

Dance lights were installed but not yet functional, while speakers were placed all around.

A corridor led to the rest of the building, and Karen decided to explore.

There were two “bedrooms” on either side of the corridor. They didn’t have doors and they each had either three full size mattresses or, in the case of one of them, a king size and a queen. All of the mattresses were directly on the floor, and on small bedside tables were bowls filled with various condom types. Towels were pilled EVERYWHERE, and there were small waste bins scattered near each of the beds, in the corridor, by the doors.

A sign was in each of the room “Condoms are mandatory”

At the end of the corridor was what I could only describe as a living room, as it has two sofas and a televison showing a porn movie playing with the volume almost muted, but it also has two single beds on opposite corners.

Mona was filling up condom bowls and turned around to welcome us.

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