All of my stories have scheduled or recent chapters, and site fixes

So today two important things occurred: by writing a Harmony and an Alex chapter, I managed to make it so that all of my stories have a new chapter written in 2019 and in fact, at the time of writing this, all of my serials have at least 1 scheduled chapter, except for Karen who got a new chapter 2 weeks ago (update, I wrote a new chapter this morning of April 24th, so until the Pets chapter is published in about an hour, all of my stories have scheduled chapters)

You can now also see a button called “Most Recent” which will list the chapters in reverse order than the View Chapters button: one from the first to the last, and the new one is from the most recent to the oldest (usually the 1st, I have never skipped chapters so far on either sites).

My friend also discovered that the serial bug came back!

I looked at my blogs on my old site and it doesn’t appear I mentioned it, but in short, when I schedule a story to run in the future, it doesn’t set the series and the chapter properly and it wouldn’t show up in the list of chapters in the top right of each articles.

Worse, as time went on, they would start appearing in the wrong order!

My friend who helped me with my old site had written a script to fix that, but that script didn’t work on this site. He played on it this afternoon and fixed it.

I had a reader tell me that on a Mac, on Chrome, the schedule doesn’t show well, but I don’t have a Mac and neither does my friend. Sorry about that…

Anyway, I am able to write 2 chapters per day, so the buffer is filling up!

BTW, I used to be plagued by seasonal allergies, to the point where I actually lost a job over it! Fortunately, I have a new one and more importantly, a new doctor who found better medication for me!