Sue Chapter 12: After the party

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Left alone to my demise, I proceeded to clean the living room, knowing the kitchen would be next.

I know some men like to leave the cleaning up for the next day, but I don’t. I prefer doing the cleaning right away and having the next day free from the previous day’s worries.

It’s a big part of delaying gratification which is one of the main building blocks of maturity.

I know that every single time someone talks about delaying gratification, the example given is “Do you eat the icing or the cake first?”, as if the cake itself was disgusting and the icing the only truly delicious part.

Personally, I prefer the cake and when I cook a cake for myself (which doesn’t appear that often), I either don’t put any icing or put a layer so thin you can barely taste it. In that case, I don’t so much put it because I like icing, but out of the habit that a cake needs icing in the mind of everyone.

Well, ok, it’s also a great practice: it’s much harder to put a thin layer than a thick one because the icing is sticky…

Anyway, I am losing my point, my point is that delaying gratification is important because the sooner you have done what you must do which you do not enjoy, the sooner you can do what you don’t have to do, but which you enjoy.

If you do it the other way around, you are not taking care of your responsibilities properly.

As I was cleaning between the cushions of my sofa for loose chips and other snacks, my intercom buzzed. Had Sue changed her mind?

No, it was Annie: her wallet had fallen out of her purse so she wanted to try to retrieve it.

I buzzed her in and welcomed her. She was just as flirty as back in the kitchen, during the party. No, sorry, it was worse…

We searched together in the living room, but she proposed we split up. I went into the Kitchen while she went into the bathroom.

Not finding it, I went back to help her, but she was no longer in the living room or the bathroom. It’s only when I heard some music from my bedroom that I rushed there, only to find Annie in my bed, with her dress on the floor.

“I found my wallet in the meantime, it was in my purse the whole time… let me apologize for bothering you…”

She patted the bed to tell me to join her in bed.

“I am going out with Sue”.

“I know. That’s why I am here…”

Annie opened the sheets and revealed she was completely naked in my bed and crawled on all fours toward me, only to grab my shirt.

“Come and play with me…”

I stayed strong…

“I think you drank too much Annie, perhaps it’s time for you to go home.”

“Listen pal, Sue and I share everything. I am having sex with you tonight, and that’s it.”

“No, you are not, I am loyal to Sue”. I took her dress and threw it to her. “Where is your underwear?”, I asked, not finding any on the floor.

“I didn’t wear any. I rarely do, another thing I share with your girlfriend. I only wore the dress. Come on, there is a sexy naked woman on your bed and you are going to say no to her? What, are you gay or something?”

“No, I am just loyal to Sue.”

“Well, I don’t think Sue will like that. You are hurting me… she won’t like that”, she said, slurring. It was clear she was drunk.

“You’re not driving tonight, right?”

“No, who do you take me for? I took a cab…”

“Fine, get dressed, I’ll accompany you downstairs and hail you a cab.”

“There’s nothing I can do to change your mind?”



She pulled her dressed over her naked body, wriggling to put it on properly and I accompanied her downstairs, helping her a few times to prevent her from falling.

I noted the cab number and let it known to the cab driver to keep Annie safe.

What a night!

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