Sue Chapter 14: Sue Sleeping in

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And so, here we were, in front of my door, seconds after our first fight in which I learned that I wasn’t just dating Sue, but that in a way, I was also expected to please Annie.

I mean, I am not disappointed, like I said, Annie has very interesting physical features, but this was something I was definitely not ready for.

With all of my preparations and thoughts and reflection never I would have thought that I would be in… in what exactly?

From the little we talked about, it wasn’t polygamy since I was only dating Sue and since Annie was the only one allowed to initiate it, not me.

But still… how many men fantasized about having sex with their girlfriend’s best friend only to discover that it would occur sooner or later and possibly sooner rather than later…

Oddly enough, Sue was definitely in the mood for some sexy time…

She quickly stripped naked while kissing on the short walk between my living room and my bedroom and began fooling around on the bed without much additional talk, without leaving me time to undress. Sue’s speed at striping naked was something I had never seen before.

“I loved how you talked to my friends”, Sue said in a moment of passion, even if we were still only kissing playing a little with each other’s bodies at that time, mine directly on her skin, and her under my shirt.

I was kissing her neck and just used my throat to “voice” a consent tone “Huh-huh”.

We kissed some more and soon enough, Sue had unzipped my pants, pulled them down and her her passionate lips began gliding on my erect cock. “I liked your friends.”, I replied, rather late, now that she was the one with her mouth busy.

She stopped a little longer and took the lead in grabbing a condom from the drawer on my bedside table. “I want you inside of me… right now!”.

I finished undressing and I unrolled the condom on my dick, anxious to get inside her warm wet pussy, but she turned around.

“Not there sailor…” (why sailor? No idea, her idea of dirty talk I guess…). “Use the back door…”

Kinky… Well, not really, kinky is more, well, I don’t care at this point, let’s get back to the story. So, I just installed myself more carefully and gently pushed against her strangely relaxed rectum.

Sue almost instantly tensed up. I thought I was doing something wrong, but she added: “There’s something about anal sex which just makes me crazy!”

Awesome, I thought.

The first position, on the side, wasn’t that comfortable because of our tights and hip size difference: I am rather built in my thigh despite an average upper body built but Sue has tiny legs and surprisingly narrow hips for a girl which meant an odd position for us.

After I asked if she wanted to change, she replied with an “Oh, God, yes, please…I can feel your hesitations from here! Take me, don’t hesitate… Ravash me! Destroy me!”

And she began rolling on the stomach while I tried to follow, nesting me right on top of her.

“Oh yes, pummel me into the bed… I want to feel your strength!”

I increased not so much the speed of my movements, but rather the force applied at the end of the movement to push my hips against her, crushing her into my bed.

Far from being bothered, she began expressing single words of approval. “Yes”, “Deeper”, “Go on”. Ok, not all single words, but you know what I mean… I was getting her somewhere, with myself having plenty of miles left in the tank.

I was kneeling until then, so I laid on top of her to once again, kiss her neck from behind. To my surprise, she turned her head and tried to kiss me.

I had to shift my weight to the left for our lips to connect, but it was worth it: I felt like this was a pivotal moment in our relationship and that kiss was showing her that I cared about her.

I had to keep my breath so I couldn’t prolong the kiss and I got the feeling she felt the same way so I decided to concentrate on my technique, but also on my feelings…

I was quickly able to judge, from her involuntary contractions, which rhythm to keep and slowly accelerated it while letting her own rhythm catch mine.

I felt her rectum tense first, then her lower body and finally, I heard the orgasm leave her throat.

They say that women orgasm for a period of 30 to 40 seconds, while a male orgasm only lasts 8 to 9 seconds, leaving us with the smaller end of the stick.

But what I knew is that if I managed to precipitate my own orgasm in the first 15 seconds or so of her own, she’d credit it as the holy grail of sexual relations: simultaneous climaxes.

For anal sex, it’s also the best moment for a man to come, right during the contractions which increase the pleasure.

And the best part about using a condom? No need to ask permission…

I cleaned my condom and as instructed previously, I quickly returned to bed and sleep naked next to her, without exchanging further words: She was already asleep….

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