Sue Chapter 25: Two girls, one rubber

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Sue was rather excited at my versatility, I could tell.

She sat on my lap, and while Annie was still practicing, she kissed me.

“You know”, she said. “Spending the day nude in your apartment was a really great idea. I am so horny, wanna go deeper in the bedroom?”, she asked.

“No”, I replied, with a firm tone.

“NO?”, she replied, with a puzzled and almost insulted tone.

“I want to take it deeper here”, and I began caressing her back with my fingers while kissing her ear lobe.

“Ooh, that’s something I can live with”.

I put my left hand on her breast. It was very fast, but I wanted passion and excitement.

Sue replied by unbuttoning my shirt. I hand quickly lowered on her side to now caress her tight, while I held her with my right arm.

We quickly had to part ways for me to remove my shirt.

Annie stopped playing.

“We didn’t tell you to stop practicing”, said Sue with a harsh tone to her best friend.

“Actually”, I said. Can you go fetch two condoms from my room?”

“Two?”, said Annie.

“Yeah, aren’t you a little presumptuous, Mr. Alpha”, said Sue, teasing me.

“Hey, if I want to have you both, I will have you both.”

Annie left a little giggle and went to my bedroom.

“You do know what to say, smart guy…”, said Sue before kissing me.

By the time Annie came back (she might have had problems finding the condoms, or she might have been snooping: I was fine either way), Sue had made me remove the rest of my clothes and we had moved on the couch, where Annie had been practicing, where Sue was busy making sure my erection was firm by expertly giving it “mouth to mouth”, as she called it.

Her gentle lips glided easily and pleasurably around my shaft, with no hints of teeth anywhere. Saliva accompanied each movement and I could feel her soft hair brushing gently on my body.

Without stopped her fellatio, she pulled out her hand toward Annie to get a condom, but Annie instead pulled her aside.

I saw Sue raise herself to react, but Annie had already torn the condom from its package and was in the process of installing it.

“Did you want to go first?”, Sue asked.

“No, you are the Alpha, you go first. I just prepare him for you”

Sue looked at me. “Will you stop putting weird ideas in our head?”

“No, if it means hotter sex in the future”, I replied, confidently.

“Is that all you think about?”, Sue said, with a flirting tone.

“No, but it’s certainly a large part of it”.

The condom was in place, so she just almost jumped on it too as quickly as possible start profiting from my erection.

“So, I guess when there’s the two of us”, she began.

“You try to go first, and Annie gets the rest”, I finished.

“One erection, two girls?”, Sue said.

“And hopefully, soon, three!”, Annie added.

Sue closed her eyes and began caressing her exposed clitoris.

“Oh yeah… I can picture her body. She is so tight, her breasts are just exquisite. I can’t wait for us to have a threesome with her”, Sue added.

Annie replied.

“Hey, what about me?”, she said.

“Yeah, why are you so far, get closer so I can kiss you, and caress you”, I said to her.

She did get closer and quickly jumped on my lips.

I gently moved on the sofa so my head would be resting on the sofa itself and not on the armrest. It required moving Sue a little but it didn’t sound like she minded: she was already entering another world.

I pulled Annie closer and made her kneel on the sofa, each of her legs on either side of my head, so I could, awkwardly, lick her dripping pussy from below.

My plan, however, was that Annie and Sue were now facing each other and with Annie being uncomfortable and unstable, it didn’t take long for her to grab Sue by the shoulders to stabilize herself.

I had no idea if one day, I would get these two girls, by primary and secondary girlfriends, to have some sort of sexual contact with each other but if I was to succeed, I had to introduce with plenty of subtle form of intimate contacts.

The last time, they held hands, this time, Annie would hold Sue’s shoulders.

In fact, I paid most of my attention on Annie: Sue was almost moving by herself and I barely had to rock my hips to hear her moan.

I could barely see what was happening, but from time to time, Annie would move to stretch her leg or reposition herself and I could see her holding Sue’s shoulders, and Sue’s left arm on Annie’s hand.

Was I making a mistake? Could they form a couple without me? I doubted it…

Still, as soon as I felt Sue climax, I gently encouraged Annie to move aside and got her to give me a condom.

Sue got out, but instead of letting me change condom, Annie simply took Sue’s place with the same one.

This, I admitted, was really sexy. I would have never even dreamed of asking the girls to do that.

It sadly didn’t take me long to come, possibly well before Annie even had a chance. The sudden action of reusing the condom, the hand holding on the shoulder, the day spent with two sexy and nude ladies…

I am not perfect.

But Annie wasn’t done. She gently pushed me aside and laid beside me. She kissed me and I could see she was masturbating next to me.

Sue was at the other end of the sofa and was looking intensively was the action. I noticed that her right hand, was on Annie’s thigh, not that far from her crotch.

I was in heaven…

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