Sue Chapter 13: Storming in

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I was still shaking from my encounter with Annie when I finally collapsed on my bed.

In a way, I was happy I didn’t cede, because that could have very well been a test from Sue. Did you ever hear the joke about the teenage boy who is home at his girlfriend’s apartment and left alone with her sexy sister? The sister starts coming on to him saying she finds him sexy.

He resists, she insists, saying notably that no one has to know and he decided to leave the house where he finds his girlfriend running toward him all happy saying “I am so happy you passed my little test” and she kisses him passionately. “And that is why, gentleman, you must always keep your condoms in your car…”, he adds!

Ok, it’s not that funny, but then again, I am tired from an eventful party and a weird after party.

So it’s on that note guys, that I wish you a good night rest as I am going to sleep.

Or so I thought… my buzzer began ringing violently. I left my bed and discovered that Sue was in the lobby, apparently furious at me…

I buzzed her in and perhaps 30 seconds later, she didn’t so much enter my apartment but rather stormed in, yelling and screaming.

“I took you for more of a gentleman than that”, she accused me.

“I swear Sue, she approached me. I didn’t initiate anything.”, I replied, almost making puppy eyes.

“And you’d better never initiate anything with my friends or we are done, is that clear?”

“Hell yes, I am not a womanizer. I am loyal to you, Sue. She was naked in my bed and I didn’t even look at her.”

“Yeah, she told me, how dare you?”

“Hey, it’s not like I asked her to strip naked. I am the victim here…”

“Yeah, I know that”, she said, sarcastically.

“Then how can you be mad at me then? She’s the one who tried to sleep with your boyfriend. I said no”

“Yeah, what were you thinking?”, she snapped back at me.

“That I, wait, what do you mean, what were you thinking?”, I said, all confused.

“Do you have communication issue pal? We told you are the party, my friends and I share everything. Annie was in need and you rejected her. How you could do that to her after I told her how good you were in bed?”

“Come again?”

“Listen, if you want to keep seeing me, you have to help my friends. Sure, Nicole is currently going with Gus and trust me, neither Annie or I want anything to do with him, but Annie is single so when she feels lonely, you help her out. Is that clear?”

“Honestly Sue, I didn’t know…. How could I have imagined that? All of the other girls would have dumped me if I had taken advantage of Annie’s proposal.”

“Well, I am not the other girls, I am me, and that is something you have to remember…”

“Is there anything else I should know then?”, I asked.

“How should I know? I am not every other girl. Annie and I have always shared our boyfriends. Nicole has weird tastes in men, so it occurred rarely. But that’s how it is. If she comes to you, you take care of her too.”

“Ok. So next time she comes to see me, I say yes, but I don’t call her?”

“Exactly. When you are in the mood, you call me. And only me. But you help Annie from time to time…”

“So what do I do for tonight?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Do I call Annie and apologize?”

“Nah, I do it tomorrow. for now, you take care of me…”

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