Sue Chapter 20: Questioning

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Sue’s comment had not fellĀ into deaf ears.

“Sue, can I ask you a personal question? Perhaps Annie could leave us alone for it?”

Sue looked at me. “I have no secrets for Annie… Absolutely none.”

“Ok, here it goes then… are you bisexual or somewhat bi-curious?”

Sue didn’t seem rejected by the question at all…

“The former… I’ve dated girls and boys. I prefer boys, but really enjoy the female body.”

“So, when you say you would want Nicole, you mean, sexually?”

“Heck yeah… she is so hot. We kissed once, years ago. It was mostly a drunken kiss, but I still want more.”


I turned to Annie. “What about you?”

“You could get me to do things with Nicole. I mean, I could envision it. I’m not bisexual, but I am not opposed to the idea.”

“Ok, but what about Sue?”, I asked.

Sue hit me on the shoulder.

“Due, she’s my best friend… you can’t ask us to have sex with each other. She’s like my little sister…”

“Yeah, dude, not cool”, Annie replied.

“Hey, don’t judge me… I am trying to see what’s on the table and what’s not. I am new to this you know?”

“Yeah”, added Sue.

Annie added. “So sex between Sue and I, off the table, but I think that’s only direct sex.”

Sue added. “Yeah, I won’t touch her sexual parts, but if you want us to kiss, I don’t mind that much, that’s just fooling around.”

I decided to remain silent, while the girls were talking.

Annie added “but licking sperm off of my tits, that’s cool…”

Sue nodded. “Very cool.”

Annie almost cut her off “I guess we can go far, as long as you are between us. Does that make sense?”

I just nodded: I didn’t want to interrupt them.

Sue “Like, if you have sex with Annie, I don’t mind tasting her on your condom, but I don’t do oral sex on her, does that make it clearer? I hope to go down in Nicole however…”

Annie looked disgusted. “Yeah, count me out on that…”

I wanted to know more “On Nicole?”

“On both… I don’t want to taste pussy, like ever. Touch a woman’s body, fine, but pussy taste? No way”, Annie looked disgusted.

I made a mental note.

“But you don’t mind Sue…”

“I actually love it.”

I made another mental note… how will I keep track of everything? It’s hard enough with one girl, and now I had two to handle. This subject seemed stale, so I switched it.

“So, Sue, how do you see the relationship between Annie and I going. What are your thoughts?”

Sue thought a few seconds and replied “Honestly, my first reaction is to tell you that it’s to remain purely sexual, but I think that’s bullshit. I think I want you to define it. I think I want you to show me what you would do with Annie, while still preserving our relationship, between you and I.”

Annie nodded.

“So you would be fine with Annie and I going out on dates from time to time”

Sue said: “From time to time… you still need to spend more time with me then with her.”

“Of course”, I agreed. “You are my alpha girl… my primary mate.”

“what does that make me?”, asked Annie.

Sue replied. “My little bitch…”, teasing her.

Annie took out her tongue.

“No, seriously, you would be kind of my secondary girlfriend I guess. I am not sure how else to make it work. Focus most of my energy on Sue, and spend some time with you. But if I am to be honest, most of the time that Annie and I would spend together, would be with Sue too!”

Sue nodded. “I would like that. Feel included.” Annie agreed.

“So girls, what do you think about spending the rest of the day together. I could cook lunch, and later supper. I would have a lunch date Annie, face to face, with Sue serving us food, while tonight, I would prepare a special meal for Sue, with Annie serving us food.”

Annie asked, “Why me first?”

Sue replied: “He decided, let’s make a rule you and I Annie, let’s not contradict him. I like it when he decided things.”

“Perfect then!”

Annie felt scared. “But then, it means we’ll spend all day naked?”

Sue smiled, I couldn’t help but imitate her.

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